View Full Version : Politics lesson the other day

18 Jun 2004, 20:37
My class has started the US system in this lesson, and our teacher handed us out the introductory booklets, in which was a map with the 50 states all labelled. Someone asked if we had to know them all, to which our teacher replied: "Yes, sorry...Well it does help!" Something else was said, and she said "Do any of you know what the title of the movie "The 51st State" means?!" I practically jumped up from my seat calling out "ENGLAND IS THE 51ST STATE!!!!!!!!!" even though I was right in front of her!!!! :D
But then, this teacher was one in three (that I know of) that was at one of Meat's concerts that I was at, even though I saw none of them! She only went cos her husband's with ticketmaster, but she does sometimes refuse to go. She would have enjoyed the concert more if she hadn't been so worried about him in case he collapsed :)
One of the other teachers loved it, even though she was right at the back. I've been taught by her before, so I was able to talk to her about it too.
The third one was at the very front, near me, he loved it too, and even though he doesn't know my name, he's never even taught me as a stand in teacher, I was still able to talk with him easily about it, which was nice :D

21 Jun 2004, 17:03
Nice to know Meat has helped with your education! :lol: (Did anyone else know it?)

21 Jun 2004, 18:35
I'm not sure, cos all I could hear was me shouting it out!!! :lol: I don't think so, though :) Meat and Jim have helped with a couple of educational bits and pieces, but I can't remember any off the top of my head :D The main one I can remember, even though it's not educational, is a lyric from Dance Of The Vampires that eased my fear of death! :D How wonderful is that?! :)