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09 Sep 2002, 01:19
Good evening all!

You might have seen this post last week or the week before. You may have already signed. If you have, I thank you. But, in case you missed it, or assume that your one signature doesn't make a difference...I'm posting it again.

One signature makes a HUGE difference. We are dealing with the age of apathy. Many care, only a fraction sign. Signing this petition will take 5 seconds out of your life, and will be a great service to many fans.

Please don't put it off. My hope is to be in contact with TMBG's management this week, in order to coincide with the release of Spiraling's new CD, Transmitter, the week after next. Signing tonight will ensure making a difference.

Thanks so much,

Below is the text of a petition I have started at petitiononline. It is not at all disrespectful to TMBG, but rather a request to invite Spiraling (formerly You Were Spiraling) back to be their opening act at at least some of their shows.

If you are reading this and are not familiar with Spiraling, you can visit their website at www.spiraling.net .

Please take a moment to follow the link and sign. Your email address can remain private if you want, and it will possibly be a big help.

Or, it might do no good at all...but, we might as well let ourselves be heard

If you want to talk to me before signing it, you can email me at alyeditrix@aol.com or IM me at alyeditrix on AOL, Yahoo, and MSN Messenger, or at 11847594 on ICQ, and I'll do my best to talk you into it :) If you believe in the cause, and know others that might, please forward this to them. I will be happy to discuss the mission statement with them if they email or IM me.




TMBG: We Want Spiraling!

To: They Might Be Giants
This petition is not truly a petition; in the traditional sense, at east.

We, the undersigned, love They Might Be Giants, and regardless of your actions (unless you start killing puppies or something) have no intention of in any way discontinuing our support.

We think you are incredible, and put on shows that can get even the most seasoned couch potato jumping and singing along.

However, we respectfully ask...OK, beg, that Spiraling come back to be our opening act in as many shows as possible. We TMBG fans have grown spoiled, and have come to anticipate seeing them when we come to see
you...and although we love you just as much as ever, we will be much happier if the whole family is back together again.

TMBG has long enjoyed an incredibly loyal cult-like fan base. Please
reward our obsessive stalker-like appreciation with granting us our
request...give us Spiraling


The Undersigned

* Note, I am not in any way associated with either band, but am a tremendous fan of both and look forward to seeing them work together as they have in the past.