View Full Version : Why Does Meat Loaf rock so much?

15 May 2004, 17:41
I had a few friends over the other day, and she noticed my CHSIB poster on my wall. They asked me, why does Meat Loaf rock so much? Why do you like him so much? I gave them my usual answer about his caring and hard rockin soul that keeps me alive. I feel I didn't finish my answer so I put on LIFE IS A LEMON (I WANT MY MONEY BACK) from the LIVE AROUND THE WORLD disc2 I believe.

8O 8O Is what i got for responces. They were like WOW, I know now!

:lol: they really enjoyed it, especially one of them kept repeating the track. Drove the Neighbors wild, cuz it was rather loud :wink:

We then heard some other songs, they like them as well!

Keep Rocking
15 May 2004, 17:46
Meat rocks!
gopd that you acquired new fans :D


15 May 2004, 17:54
I wish i could get my friends into him more...but you see i'm a geek and they never like anythign thing i like and they think that they are cool and stuff and they are so much better than me.....(sorry bitter sarcasim there)!!!

The day i can answer that question fully would never come...i don't want to answer it either, because if i do then the magic and mystery of it all would go!!


15 May 2004, 18:41
:D :up: Meats the Man!!

15 May 2004, 21:03
Been trying to get some of my friends into Meat for ages, but they're not having it. Not even those who are mad on motorbikes...don't they know that Bat Out of Hell is the ultimate motorbike song???

Will work on it...

15 May 2004, 23:32
meat is my hunk of man . i wish i could meet him . love ya meat

meat loaf is my god
16 May 2004, 12:09
Meat Rocks so much because ............................................. He's Meat :D

18 May 2004, 15:37
Meat really rocks!