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White of High
23 Aug 2002, 23:05
This is the START OUT OF HELL & ARRIVE TO HEAVEN topic. Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!!

Peel Out (7)

It's a great song, but it wanted to be as Bat Out Of Hell! The text could be introduction, but the music is not. It's very good, it's powerfuly, but not really good idea. OK, I know Meat would must sing Bad For Good at then... we know the story.

"Tire tracks and broken hearts - That's all we're leaving behind" - like from a Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. Fantastic lines. It's more free than Bat Out Of Hell, but nobody can copy this song (not Jim even)...

My score: 7

Average: 7.33 (66/9)

The Flying Mouse
24 Aug 2002, 01:40
:twisted: Peel Out is a great song.
I can see the resemblance to Bat Out Of Hell,as Meat says in his book the record company wanted the Dead Ringer album to be a carbon copy of Bat and I think this song is the equvelent.
It's a fast,happy feel good song,that I think conveys a lust for life.
Score 9/10 This song jockies for position.
P.S. Has anyone else noticed that the song credits include...
Female voice:Leslie Loaf

White of High
07 Apr 2003, 16:39
In autobiography film is it Meat's original voice from the past or is the actor imitating that?

07 May 2003, 00:31
my opinion is that Peel out is one of the Weaker songs on Deadringer. That's not saying much because it's a great album, and the song has it's parts especially the intro.

it's a pity that they used this song as the first on the album because it just isn't an openingssong.
I'm gonna love her for both of us or Deadringer for love where better choices.

07 May 2003, 11:27
I just loved this song the first time I heard it, can't explain why really.

Eventhough my music taste has become more, ahum well, mature, and I can see certain parts in the song that could be better (maybe), first impretions are just the best.

I'm giving this song a 9 (/10)


07 May 2003, 13:14
Í don't see this song as an equivalent to bat. It is different in every way. The album is great, but this song i don't like so much. Ihe intro is fabolous, Meat sounds like Donald Duck on high speed and the song is not finished in my opinion. I think the other songs on the album are much better.

10 May 2003, 14:28
I love this song!!!!

Definately a feelgood kinda song, and one of the best on Dead Ringer..



15 May 2003, 22:25
i really like this song. i can see how it can be compared to bat out of hell, but it is a great song in its own right.

09 Jul 2003, 14:07
tis an ok song 8/10 i was thinkin 7 but i just listened to it agen n changed my mind.

09 Jul 2003, 19:16
Ok, well it isn't my favorite song but you have to remember, Jimmy had the difficult task of trying to copy "Bat Out Of Hell" twice, as a result, "Bad For Good" was much better then this. However, I love the musical introduction but I think the chorus lacks something. Also, all songs from "Bat Out Of Hell" are in major while this is in minor and kind've lacks intensity as a result.


original sin
11 Jul 2003, 15:37
well it makes my car buzz :twisted: damn! i gotta stop tapping out tunes on that accelerator pedal :oops:

17 Sep 2003, 06:45
Another true JS classic composition. But unfortunatly following BOOH this opening song missed badly and unfortunatly set the tone fore the whole Dead Ringer Album. Very disapointing to my ears. 4/10
(I would listen to another attempt though, tons of potential).

02 Apr 2004, 17:41
I think production could be a bit better, the music is great but it's missing that special sound that 'bat' had. Was Todd Rundrugen or Jim Steinman involved with production?

04 Apr 2004, 13:43
take that as a no then!!! :evil: (wasn't being nasty, just joking, but i'd love to hear a reply though :D )

04 Apr 2004, 13:47
Hmmmmm?? My emotions dont seem to be working, lests try it again and see if it works :evil:

04 Apr 2004, 13:47
Nope, not working again, oh well.

05 Apr 2004, 04:35
A good song on an amazng album a 8.5\10

Its a great song, but I don't care for the chorus too much. I love the intro!

23 Apr 2004, 23:52
I really don´t like this song, it´s a bit a boring. 7/10

23 Apr 2004, 23:57
I love this album, but I must admit this is not my favourite song from it. Not because of the singing or the music, Jim and Meat are on top form, but because of the production. It just sounds a bit "flat" as in not very grand rather than the key it's in.

Still, a great song so 8/10.

24 Apr 2004, 19:23
I agree with you t-rex, the musicianship is fine, it's just not all that flashy, bat had loads of backround guitars and all sorts of noises in the backround, but on peel out it's a bit plain, to be honest that's why i don't like dead ringer that much, i've always belived that when production is more lavish it allows meat to showboat with his voice, which is evident on both bats and bad attitude and neigboorhood where production is bigger.

09 Oct 2006, 18:40
nice little song...
not too sophisticated, but good as an introduction for the album.
"just" feel good music :D

everyday of my life I get the same old line
Hey boy, oh boy, you´d better wait for your turn, when are you going to learn. Yeah, we all know that :evil:

The song says yes to the life and everybody´s personal maybe unfitting way to live it.

23 Oct 2006, 21:56
Quite liked this,tho' not one of my faves.I give it a 7 out of 10.

Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:08
5. Not one of the best.

White of High
25 Jan 2007, 21:44
Average: 7.27 (109/15)

25 Jan 2007, 21:55
I don't get it.


26 Jan 2007, 01:37
It's really a shame that Meat's voice was out of whack when it came to recording this song. It's quite easy to spot where the different phrases have been spliced together. Would have liked to hear how it might have sounded with Meat up to full speed.

I love the DR album, personally, but this isn't the best song on there.