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23 Aug 2002, 21:15
I have a bootleg recorded in Rotterdam 1994. By the band introduction Meat introduces Tommy Loaf as the man who did the Wasted Youth Speech (He did it probably on every Bat II show). Meat says it is his brother.

I've never heard of Tommy Loaf, so my question is who heard of Tommy Loaf, and has some information about him?

23 Aug 2002, 21:55
Are you sure it wasn't Jimmy Loaf? Because Jim Steinman did the Wasted Youth speech so Meat might have said Jimmy Loaf??? Not saying that's right - just an idea!

The Flying Mouse
24 Aug 2002, 02:53
:twisted: There is no mention of a brother (or sister) in Meat's autobiography,so I assume that he is an only child.
Believe it or not,I never noticed that Jim did the Wasted Youth speech on the record,he sounds so much like Meat on the album.Carol has just told me that she had a feeling it wasn't Meat (clever clogs,i'll never hear the end of that one :oops: ).

The Flying Mouse
24 Aug 2002, 02:59
:twisted: Forgot to add...
I think that Tommy Loaf sonds more like a designer aftershave.
Now there's a thougtht "O'dur La Meat" (i'll take ten bottles).

24 Aug 2002, 09:49
I know that Jim did Wasted Youth on Bat II, he also did it on the New York show (the recording on Live Around The World). But Jim wasn't on tour with Meat. And on the Rotterdam show and Cardiff show I've heard it is the same person, and Meat introduces him as Tommy Loaf.

I will be looking on the internet for more information, and when i find something i will put it on this forum, because I don't think that many fans heard of Tommy Loaf.

24 Aug 2002, 10:39
And there was me thinking all these years that this guy was being introduced as "Tony Loaf"

Well I've made an appointment to have my ears syringed :)

24 Aug 2002, 11:49
Maybe it is just one of the musicians that he introduced like this, or it is a stage manager.
Meat doesn't have a brother, so it is a nickname for that guy. :lol:

The Flying Mouse
24 Aug 2002, 17:28
:twisted: I've just rememberd that Meat Loaf live (Wembeley 1987) was produced by Tom Edmonds and Meat Loaf.
As you know,Leslies maiden name is Edmonds.
Is Tommy Loaf Leslies brother or is it just coincidence?????

25 Aug 2002, 03:59
Hi! Boy, I've lurked here for so long I guess I'm making up for it with two posts in one night! :) Anyway, I thought I'd answer this one, Jim Steinman did in fact do a few tour dates other then the NYC shows, for the Bat II tour. Mostly on the East Coast and Canada (there's a Toronto boot floating around). But once he did go back to NYC and the tour went on, Meat had his roadie, Tony Roan, aka Tony Loaf (just like Patti during the WTTN tour was introduced as Miss Mississippi sometimes, but she wasnt actually a beauty contestant ever in her life!), took the spot. He also would bring out Meat's red plaid jacket to him for the end of the show. Tony was working to be a lawyer -- I dont know if he ever became one but i dont believe he's still with the road crew currently but i could be wrong! Hope this helps! Take care!

16 Feb 2003, 13:47
Tommy Loaf is TOMMY EDMONDS - Leslie's brother, therefore,
Meat Loaf's brother-in-law. He recorded LIVE AT WEMBLEY...

16 Feb 2003, 16:41
I've heard a few bootlegs from the same year, with better recording quality. So he said Tony Loaf. Thanks for the information about him. And yes I've have the Toronto bootleg with Jim Steinman doing the Wasted Youth Speech.

18 Feb 2003, 09:13
I have a bootleg, although I am not sure from which show it comes. However, it definitely says "Tommy Loaf" and not Tony. I always thought it was Meat's brother-in-law (Leslie's brother)...I didn't know there was any confusion or doubt about it.

19 Feb 2003, 01:10
It is definitely Tony Roan - he was part of Meats 93-94 technical crew for the tour. I am not sure why he calls him Tony Loaf - maybe they look the same or Meat is such good friends with him that he considers him a brother.

He does a good angry job of the speech on the live recordings I own - although nothing compares to the speech from NY on Live Around The World

19 Feb 2003, 11:54
I guess I must have a different bootleg then, with a different `brother' (ie THE Tom Edmonds).