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27 Apr 2004, 22:49

In my opinion, Bat Out Of Hell, is one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever made. Between Jim Steinman's lyrics, Meatloaf's vocals and Todd Rundgren's (with Utopia) playing and production, it is no wonder that it will always stand the test of time as one of the greats! It is for this reason that I am writing this regarding Todd Rundgren.

I started an online petition to induct Todd into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. I have it online until October. Once it is done, I will be sending a letter describing all of
Todd's various accomplishments as well as the signed petition on to the Hall of Fame. Any help spreading the word or adding a link would be great! There are already banner links on TR Connection, TR Bazaar, and Sanctuary Records UK. We have almost 2300 names in just over two weeks!!


Thanks for your time and hopefully your support!


27 Apr 2004, 22:51
He is a very clever man, I have signed.

28 Apr 2004, 15:21
He is a very clever man, I have signed.
Me too! I'm going to see him May 11th -can't wait! :lol: