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24 Apr 2004, 13:23
Ok, so musically you're poles apart but in sex god terms equals, for totally different reasons, (well, for me anyway!) So, I've always said that if I had Meat Loaf and David Cassidy in the same room, at the same time, I wouldn't know who to jump on first! Excitingly, it appears that you are both in the country at the moment. I'm going to be front row on Wed 28th in Sheffield and on Fri 30th in Manchester So, if you've nothing better to do, I DARE YOU to turn up and test me. :twisted: :twisted: It would be great if you made David sing, (and lets face it you can make anyone sing), one of your songs, and give the sell-out audience a real music treat. :lol:

I'm sure this post is going to get some adverse comments but I'll grin and bare it.

Fallen Angel
24 Apr 2004, 15:06
Meats in the uk..or did i get the wrong end of the stick?

24 Apr 2004, 16:02
MEAT LOAF IS IN THE UK?????????????????????? 8O

24 Apr 2004, 17:32
Who is David Cassidy? :?


24 Apr 2004, 19:20
:oops: :oops: OK sorry guys - put it down to old age - someone must have brought the posting that Meat made about the Virgin Store Stunt to the first page, unfortunately in my enthusiasm I didn't look at the date (March 2003!!). :oops: :oops: Looks like I'lll have to continue to wonder!! But I'll have fun trying to make my mind up!

25 Apr 2004, 01:21
Who is David Cassidy? :?


Don't worry about it Patricia, you aren't missing much :twisted:

Sorry Rachelba :wink:


26 Apr 2004, 08:54
No problem Shadow, I've got used to the jibes over the last 34 years, much the same as I get when people find out I fancy the pants off Meat!

However, did you know DC is on the "Big Boy" list, and from my previous front row seats I can confirm it't true!! :lol:

26 Apr 2004, 15:18
Who is David Cassidy?
and now...http://www.koolradio.com/Calendar/David%20Cassidy.jpg

I personally leaned more toward Shaun myself :lol: http://www.younghollywoodhof.com/drina/shaun.jpg


26 Apr 2004, 20:36

26 Apr 2004, 20:47
bit too squeky clean and smily for my liking...

26 Apr 2004, 22:07
Seems to be a bit of a Donny Osmond resemblance...or am I completely
off the mark?!?


27 Apr 2004, 08:45
This has to be a first pictures of DC on a Meat Loaf site!! Thanks RoknRolJesus. As for a DO resemblence Lizziebaby! You are obviously too young to remember the opposing camps either you were for DC or DO and never the twain did meet!