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20 Apr 2004, 22:18
Does anyone know if an official soundtrack was ever released for roadie?

21 Apr 2004, 10:47
Yes there was Chris, though as you'll know from the movie there are no songs from Meat. Anyway, the soundtrack was released on the Warner Brothers label and is a 2 disc set in a gatefold sleeve. There are a couple of pictures of Meat as Travis W. Redfish inside the gatefold.

The tracks are:

Side 1:
Cheap Trick - Everything Works If You Let It
Pat Benatar - You Better Run
Joe Ely Band - Brainlock
Alice Cooper - Road Rats

Side 2:
Teddy Pendergrass - Can't We Try
Eddie Rabbitt - Drivin' My Life Away
Stephen Bishop & Yvonne Elliman - Your Precious Love
Jay Ferguson - A Man Needs A Woman

Side 3:
Styx - Crystal Ball
Sue Saad & The Next - Double Yellow Line
Blondie - Ring Of Fire
Alice Cooper - Pain

Side 4:
Roy Orbison & Emmylou Harris - That Lovin' You Feelin' Again
Jerry Lee Lewis - (Hot Damn) I'm A One Woman Man
Hank Williams Jnr. - The American Way
Asleep At The Wheel - Texas, Me And You

It's not usually too difficult to get hold of a secondhand copy of this album. Interestingly, Alice Cooper's musicians on the soundtrack are Todd Rundgren on backing vocals and most of his Utopia Band, including a young man on bass guitar and backing vocals by the name of Kasim Sulton (who also appears with Alice Cooper in the movie). Elton John's guitarist Davey Johnstone was on lead guitar (backing Alice Cooper on the soundtrack and in the movie) and the following year he toured for a while as Meat's lead guitarist.

Very rare and much harder to find is a "Roadie" radio special LP. This was also released on the Warner Brothers label and distributed to radio stations to promote the movie. The show was hosted by a guy called Patrick Kelly and contains snippets of the soundtrack and comments from the cast about the movie and characters, including Meat.


21 Apr 2004, 15:26

Was watching it last night and thought how good some of the songs were.

I have been wandering around singing Texas Me and You all day today!!