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meat loaf is my god
15 Apr 2004, 22:35
Hi i know i have done some random topics before but this was has meaning...........I think. What i am trying to do is get a complete Meat Loaf album colection i have loads but i think i am still so short so i will list the ones which I have got and if there is anything missing could some nice people out there tel me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!. Right here is what i have got.

Bat Out Of Hell
Dead Ringer
Stoney and Meat Loaf
Midnight At The Lost And Found
Bad Attitude
Blind Before I Stop
Bat Out Of Hell II (Back In To Hell)
Welcome To The Nigbourhood
The Very Best Of Meat Loaf
Couldnt Have Said It Better
Meat Loaf Live At Wembely
Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tylore
Meat Loaf And Freinds
Hits Out of Hell

Right Thats the lot i think so if thay are any missing please tell me THANK YOU Sean :D

15 Apr 2004, 22:38
Prime Cuts
Live Around The World
Meat Loaf: The Masters

15 Apr 2004, 22:40
Rock and Roll Hero

Little Lady
15 Apr 2004, 22:48

meat loaf is my god
15 Apr 2004, 23:06
THANK YOU people this is helping me alot sean :D

18 Apr 2004, 19:02
really the greatest hits, you should worry about collecting is THE VERY BEST OF...........

Storytellers Audio CD, great CD

LIve Around the World, heard it was good

Then there is a live one :D you should check those out too :wink:

the best person to answer your question , is Eva :P really nice lady, and she can help ya out with your question :D

18 Apr 2004, 19:18
the best person to answer your question , is Eva :P really nice lady, and she can help ya out with your question :D

Thanks for the compliment, Anthony! :D

Okay, here is my CD collection - in the German language - sorry! :?


Bat out of hell (signiert von MEAT)
Dead Ringer (signiert von MEAT, Pearl, Patti, John und Tom)
Midnight at the lost and found (signiertvon MEAT)
Bad Attitude Europa-Version (signiert von MEAT)
Bad Attitude (US-Version)
Blind before I stop - US-Version (signiert von MEAT und Patti)
Blind before I stop - Europa-Version
ML live (signiert von MEAT und Kasim)
Bat out of hell II (signiert von MEAT, Kasim, Tom, Damon, John, Ray)
Welcome to the neighbourhood (signiert von MEAT, Patti und Pearl)
The Very Best Of MEAT LOAF (signiert von MEAT, Patti, Pearl und John)
Heaven can wait - The best ballads of Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf - Compilation 1995 (Italien)
Back from hell - the very best of I und II
Hits out of hell
Rock’n Roll hero (1992)
Rock’n Roll hero (1996)
ML - The collection 1993
ML - The collection 1994 (mit „Stand by me„)
ML – The collection 1999
Bat out of hell II - Special limited Edition (2 Picture-Disks und Poster)
Bat out of hell II - Picture-CD in Zahnrad-Dose mit großem Booklet
Simply The Best – MEAT LOAF, 1999
MEAT LOAF – Best Of The Best GOLD, 1998
MEAT LOAF – BAT OUT OF HELL – Limited Millenium Edition, 1999
Couldn’t Have Said It Better – DoppelCD (von MEAT signiert)
Couldn’t HAVE Said It Better – DoppelCD mit Bonunstracks (von MEAT signiert)
Couldn’t Have Said It Better – EinzelCD
CHSIB (Australia)
Fallen Angel – 2 CD
Double-CD Blind before I stop/Bad Attitude (1995)

Live at Nassau Coliseum (01.09.1978) - with special guest Todd Rundgren
Hot as hell (Picture-CD - live Europe 1977) - (von MEAT signiert)
Get out of hell (Picture-CD - live Cleveland 1978 und 1 Bonustrack (BOOH) - NY 1977)
Bat Meat live (1978 und 1994)
Marvin Lee Aday (Cleveland 1979 und Europa 1978)
Live at bottom line (2. Juni 1985 New York)
Live in hell (live New York 15.9.93)
Look back into hell (live New York 15.9.93)
BAT - Back to hell tour (2 CD’s - live Cardiff 11/93)
Sex God in Concert (2 CD's - live Cardiff 11/1993)
To hell and back (2 Picture-CD’s - live Cardiff 11/93) - (von MEAT signiert)
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? (2 Picture-CD’s in runder Dose - Cardiff 11/93)
Classic performance (Picture-CD - live Cleveland 1978)
Heaven and hell (live Los Angeles 1977)
ML live USA (ca. 1978)
It’s live for you (live Toronto/Kanada 9.11.1995) - (von MEAT signiert)
Live around the world (2 Picture-CD’s 1996) Limited Edition (von MEAT signiert)
Storytellers USA (von MEAT signiert)
Storytellers Europa (von MEAT signiert)

Bat Out Of Hell II
Heroes (mit Brian May) – von MEAT signiert
Objects in the rear view mirror (4 Versionen)
Life is a lemon (3 Versionen)
I’d do anything (3 Versionen)
Rock and Roll dreams (4 Versionen)
I’d lie for you (4 Versionen)
Runnin’ for the red light (Albumversion und 3 Live-Songs: Life is a lmeon, Amnesty, Dead ringer)
Amnesty is granted (3 Versionen)
I'd lie for you (Albumversion, Oh, what a beautiful morning, Runnin' for the red light)
Life is a lemon (Albumversion und Good girls go to heaven)
An instant classic (Interview, Not a dry eye <Albumversion und Single edit>, Where the rubber... live)
Welcome To The Neighbourhood (französische Promo-CD - wunderbar verpackt in LP-Hülle) - einzigartiges Sammlerstück!
The Very Best Of MEAT LOAF
A Kiss.../No Matter What - Fehlprägung (von MEAT, Patti, Pearl und John signiert)
A Kiss.../No Matter What
Is Nothing Sacred (signiert von MEAT, Patti, Pearl und Kasim)
Did I Say That? (signiert von MEAT)
Couldn’t Have Said It Better (das gesamte Album)
Couldn’t Have Said It Better (fünf Songs)
Couldn’t Have Said It Better –Single
Man Of Steel

Bat out of hell
Dead ringer for love
Special girl/One more kiss/Dead ringer (live 13.2.87)/Paradise (live 13.2.87) – von MEAT signiert
Objects in the ....(Holland)
Objects in the ....(Digi-Pack uk) – von MEAT signiert

Objects in the ... (USA - mit „Roll over Beethoven„ - live)
I’d do anything ... (Holland)
Rock’n Roll dreams (Holland)
Rock’n Roll dreams (uk) – von MEAT signiert
Rock’n Roll dreams (Digi-Pack uk)
I’d lie for you (Holland)
I’d lie for you (Digi-Pack uk) - (von MEAT und Pearl signiert)
Not a dry eye ... (Holland)
Not a dry eye ... (Digi-Pack uk) – (von Patti und Johnny signiert)
Not a dry eye ... (USA)
Not a dry eye .. (USA - 2. Version)
Running for the red light (europäische Ausgabe) – (von MEAT signiert)
A Kiss/No Matter What (signiert von Damon und John)
Is nothing sacred (Digi-Pack uk) - Picture-Disc mit Tourposter (signiert von Patti, Ray und Tom)
Is nothing sacred (UK)
Is nothing sacred (europäische Ausgabe)
Did I Say That? (von MEAT und Patti signiert)
Did I Say That? – Digi-Pack (von MEAT signiert)
Couln’t Have Said It Better – deusche Ausgabe (von MEAT signiert)
Couldn’t Have Said It Better – uk-Ausgabe
Man Of Steel

Radio-Show vom 6.6.1994 (2 CD’s)
Radio-Show vom 11.11.1991 (King biscuit flower hour)
Radio-Show vom 28.08.1989 (Bat out of hell - In the studio <mit 6 Interviews>)
Radio-Show vom 13.04.2003 (einige Songs vom Kölner Tanzbrunnen-Konzert vom 27.01.2003)

Chat Out Of Hell (a rare and exclusiv Interview – 1995)
ML and friends
The glory of Gershwin (mit dem ML-Song „Somebody loves me„)
Pavarotti and friends (September 1995)
Jim Steinman: „Bad for good„
Pandora’s Box: „Original sin„
Tanz der Vampire
The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra plays the music of MEAT LOAF
Ted Nugent – Free For All, 1976
NIGHT OF THE PROMS 2001 (signiert von MEAT)
Quid Pro Quo - Kasim Sulton

19 Apr 2004, 20:10
Wow! - thanks Eva, I printed your list out to see what I'm missing.


19 Apr 2004, 20:40
My god!!! Theres so many!!! I could never find all of them!!!!! 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

19 Apr 2004, 20:47
Wow! - thanks Eva, I printed your list out to see what I'm missing.


You are welcome, Kathy!! :D

meat loaf is my god
20 Apr 2004, 21:15
Wow thanks Eva Looks Like i Have A lot of wheeling and deeling to do on e_bay thanks for youre help evrybobdy