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09 Apr 2004, 16:27
I've just finished watching 51st State (i know I'm a bit late) but I have one word to say, Wow. Meat was brill in the (I'm biased as hell, but hey). I think Meat should have been in it more but he was good in it.
I have one complaint and that is in the booklet that comes with the DVD in one place they spell Meats name right then they spell it as one word, but then thats nothing to do with Meats acting. Can't wait to see some more of Meats films.

10 Apr 2004, 06:30
Formula 51 as it was known in Canada. Is an awesome film! The Lizzard is a wicked-cool character!! Mr. Jackson also did a great part, is he scottish in this film? Cuz he tends to wear a kilt I can't help to notice. :wink:

10 Apr 2004, 19:03
No hes not scottish in the film but yeah he does wear a Kilt, I thought it was quite a good film well I thought the plot was rubbish but Meat was brillant in it.

11 Apr 2004, 20:38
I just watched 51st State again :D Is so great for me as my passions are Meat and Liverpool FC :wink:

Wonder if Meat really went to Anfield to shoot his last scenes?? ... don't think so myself but would be cool if he did.

Ps, Is the big showdown again this month between Liverpool and Man U! ...Come on Liverpool!!!

Pps, I noticed they spell Meats name "MeatLoaf" as well! :twisted:

11 Apr 2004, 20:41
Uh oh, I'm a man u supporter myself but I haven't been following them recently, I don't know what Fergie is doing.
Yeah it was an ok film but the plot was rubbish

11 Apr 2004, 23:48
What is it about?

12 Apr 2004, 18:33
Samuel L Jackson's charactor double crosses Meats charactor on a drug deal and The Lizzard (aka Meat) wants revenge. . A sub story runs throughout the film, that one of the gangsters just wants to go and see 'THE' game ... Liverpool FC V Manchester United, well, who wouldn't! :lol:

13 Apr 2004, 18:59
If anyone wants to see it, it is on the UK channel 4 at 10pm on Sunday (18th)

18 Apr 2004, 10:58
And Chris beats me to what i came on this thread to announce *sighs too late again* :lmao:

I've seen 51st State before, but am going to be taping it tonight, as I can't get a hold of a video or dvd copy of it anywhere :cry:

19 Apr 2004, 11:10
My God.....first time I'd seen this movie 8O ....Meat wasn't bad at all, I mean he didn't need to act Crazy :roll:

Poor Meat exploding...what a sight to behold 8O

Crystal Eyes
19 Apr 2004, 11:36
My God! 8O

First time I'd seen the movie too Gerry. I can accept Meat Loaf dies, I mean he's died in all but one film which I've watched with him in but did he have to die like that! What was wrong with something cleaner? A bullet, hemlock or something.

19 Apr 2004, 16:09
Just as well your not the Anfield Window Cleaner :wink:

19 Apr 2004, 19:31
yeah, wouldn't like to clear THAT lot up!

(meats face just before he exploded: classic!!! :lmao: )

20 Apr 2004, 13:07
You can get 51st State DVD from Amazon.