View Full Version : 50,000,000 records sold worldwide?

09 Aug 2002, 16:11
Hi people

Meat Loaf has supposedly only sold 50,000,000 records worldwide. But I was think more in the 60-70,000,000 range , this is why.

1. Steinman clearly said that Bat 1 sold around 34,000,000
2. According to many, Dead Ringer sold 2,000,000 worldwide
3. Midnight At The Lost and Found hit the top 10 and stayed there a few weeks, so it must have sold around 100,000 copies
4. Bad Attitude was released in the UK as well as in US, and hit the top 10 in UK and top 80 in US. So it sold around 500,000-1,000,000 copies worldwide.
5. Of course, Blind Before I Stop flopped miserably in both UK and US
so it probably only sold under 100,000
6. Bat 2 sold 18,000,000 worldwide
7. Im not sure about Welcoeme To The Neighbourhood, but it was #2 and
#17 in the US so it must be 2-3x platinum (2,000,000-3,000,000)
8. The Very Best of sold in the gold status range of 500,000-1,000,000
9. Storytellers sold fairly well.

So I think he sold around 60,000,000 at least. Does anyone agree?

14 Aug 2002, 01:31
Bearing in mind there's Live Around The World and many compilation Meat albums as well as singles and around eighteen different versons of Bat Out Of Hell.

14 Aug 2002, 04:04
Yes, there was 400,000 copies made of "Live Around The World" and when I went to order mine from HMV, they said it wasn't available anymore. So they have probably sold out. And the compilations altogether
have surely sold 500,000 copies altogether.

The Flying Mouse
14 Aug 2002, 20:16
:twisted: I wouldn't be suprised if he has sold a lot more than 50,000,000 records.
I have at this time twenty Meat Loaf c.d.s nine of which are just copilations.
Seeing that Bat is populary thought to have sold 34-35 million,that takes us way over the half way mark already.
I don't believe that a further nineteen albums have failed to sell a mere sixteen million.