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31 Jul 2002, 03:57
hi all can anyone tell me where i can purchess any videos of meat loaf in concert, :roll:

31 Jul 2002, 17:45

I've got a few, most of them I ordered from shops like WH Smiths, HMV or a Virgin Megastore. I've got ones like Bat Out Of Hell II : Picture Show and Meat Loaf LIVE from there, if not, try looking round the net on Ebay or Amazon.com

31 Jul 2002, 18:14
Now the day's the big company's put no longer things on video's, it's all dvd.
That's what a guy told me, cause i was also looking for some Meat Loaf video's.

But in some Cd shops you can order video's and dvd's. Try looking there. Or maybe some, how do you call it in English, bazars (?) There you can find also a lot of things, and maybe also Meat Loaf videos.

02 Aug 2002, 04:33
Hi there

I am a trader of ML, and am also looking for videos, cause I have very few.

Live at Wembley 82
Live at Storytellers 98
Hard Rock Live 98

I am looking for anything from 1977-1994

PS> You can download the complete "Rock Pop in Concert 1978" show no the following site


There is a video in circulation called "Bat Out Of Hell : London 78/Germany 96" but I haven't had luck in finding it.

03 Aug 2002, 02:52
Meatles don't you have the BatII:Picture Show? He and Patti perform Anything For Love, Life Is A Lemon and Paradise By The Dashboard Lights, it also shows the full length videos of Rock and Roll Dreams, Objects In The Rear View Mirror and Anything For Love along with interviews with Meat, Steinman and Michael Bay the director of the music videos from the BatII album.

03 Aug 2002, 16:25
I had that Bat 2 video, but I dropped something on it by mistake and smashed it. It was really a shame, because the video is now out of print.
I would like the full concert from which those live clips on the video were from.