View Full Version : cardif...wow what a nite!!!!

29 Jul 2002, 17:01
Went to my 1st meat loaf concert last nite in cardiff...it was excellent!!!! Meat had such a stage presence, he certainly put his all into it, i was knackered just watchin him. I had laryingytis before i went yesterday, and now cannot even speak, 'cept to make little squeaking noises, but it was so worth it. We had fab seats, centre stage six rows in, i had no idea that we would be so close, so i was well chuffed!!! After reading previous posts i decided that i'd go for a red bra...and he caught it as well.....i can now say that Meat Loaf has played with my bra!!!! :lol: . Managed to take loads of photo's..hopefully they'll come out ok...had nitemares last nite that boots lost the film!!! Best bit of all was that my hubby was not a Meat fan. he just came last nite to keep me sweet, but he's now officialy converted...Anyways,...keep on rockin...


29 Jul 2002, 18:43
you must have been right by me - I was 5 rows in, centre-left! I saw the bra :P