View Full Version : Cardiff

29 Jul 2002, 13:23
Well, here I am, just rolled out of bed (on my last day off work for a bit), still in my nightclothes, the afternoon after the night before.

It was big, loud and extravagant. It pretty much followed the pattern of the other gigs detailed, even down to his Birthday. He also did Jonny B Goode as an encore.

Paradise was hilarious, with Meat deeply kissing Patti for a good half of the gig :)

I also managed to con one of the roadies into giving me one of Kasim's plectrums after the gig, which is now proudly sat on my mantle shelf.

However, I think the gig blew some sort of fuse for me. It was very "rock" and seemed to lose almost all of the hint of fantasy that Steinman instilled in it. Think I need to go farm yaks or something while I try to get my head around it :-)

I still want to marry Pearl tho :)

So there we are,