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26 Jul 2002, 21:36
I still can't believe how FANTASTIC Meat was. He still has all the energy he did on the original Bat Out of Hell if not more. There was some technical errors so he was late out- as a result Kasim didn't get to sing his songs so Patti opened- looking so sexy! I might add. When Pearl emerged there was a loud roar (Amanda wasn't there), then Patti said 'get ready!' and after about three minutes Meat entered, cooly walking onto stage, hardly wavered by the audience who were screaming at him. He then licked a finger and got the audience on the left side- my side, to roar, he done the same on the right side and continued whilst beating the drum in between, then the band said 'i want my money back'- Meat kept up playing the audeince against one another then broke into 'Life Is A Lemon'.

He performed Falling Down, some song from Testify whose name I don't know and Lawyers Guns and Money- his voice is fantastic, he was holding out notes for a long time. I forget what came next because I was still in awe that the man who I listen to sing and see on TV was standing fifteen ft away. I think he went into All Revved Up With No Place To Go. The Square was full, we were all squashed together, people were hanging from roof tops, windows and balconies all outside the square.

He had a number of bra's hanging from his mike stand and one got caught on his guitar and he couldn't get it off, he began to laugh and removed the bra from the mike stand and continued to play with it hanging from his guitar. Someone then threw Kasim a bra and after Meat finished the song he began addressing the crowd, saying 'how free it feels to let them roll around without a bra', someone then yelled 'give it to me baby' so Meat said 'i'll give it to you!' and went to pass her a bra.

The moment for me was when he sang 'I'd Do Anything For Love' and 'Bat Out If Hell', it took him some time to silence the crowd for Anything For Love, he pretended to begin three times but kept going 'nah'- he really knows how to drive the crowd wild.

During a long pause someone asked him to talk into their mobile but he replied with a one fingered guesture. After 'Anything for love' he went into Paradise while he played the band against the audience, and then went into it. Also the 'holy cow!' scene was the best I've scene, especially when he picked up Patti and threw her over his shoulder and began slapping her behind.

Then the band all sat down on stools at the foot of the stage, Meat spoke for a while and as he and Patti were about to sing 'I'd Lie For You' but some girl shouted out 'Holy Molie', Meat stopped the show and said 'How old are you?' '15' she replied, then Meat went on 'When I was 15 I was very confused, and I'm still 15 and still very confused. Now, do you have a ticket stub- did you all get ticket stubs? On that ticket stub, in little black letters, it says Meat Loaf- I was 11 when that song was released! But I'll tell you what, when's your birthday?' she said it was next month, 'As an early birthday present I'll see if the band knows it and they'll sing it.' And they did too. Meat then told us somewhere there had been a miss-print and his birthday wasn't September but tomorrow, so everyone sang him happy birthday. He then had Pearl sing him a song solo, a blues song whose name escapes me.

He then sang 'Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad' and told us all to sing alone, stopping at one point to allow us to take over. He then turned to Patti and said 'On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?', near the end of the dialouge Meat forgot his line and said instead 'it's my birthday', then they broke into Hot Summer Night.

I think was some more songs and Meat began playing the audience against each other again, reaching out his arms and slamming it against his chest for one side of the audience and doing the same for the other, he continued doing this but growing faster, slamming his fists against his chest looking some thing like King Kong standing before us- then Bat Out of Hell began. His voice was fantastic, where he gets the energy to run around like that one stage I don't know. After Bat he was about to leave but said 'This is the second time in fifteen years I've ever sang a song after Bat' and broke into 'Jonny B. Goode', then ran off the stage.

That was my first Meat concert and I still can't believe I've seen him live! He was amazing and looks really good for his age. I can't wait for the Testify tour, I only wish I'd bought tickets for the Liverpool gig too.