View Full Version : Pearl!!

21 Feb 2004, 18:52
Sorry if this has already been posted but I think it's pretty cool and I've only just heard!!

Pearl (Meat's daughter to all of you who don't know and the amazing voice behind MOS) is bringing out her very own solo album and she is also getting her own website!!

I hope she does well and I will defiantly try and follow her!!! 8)

25 Feb 2004, 19:24
cool.. i luv her vocal on M.O.S..
i wish her a load of sucess for her album..

25 Feb 2004, 20:35
First Patti,
Now Pearl?

:roll: oh boy, i got to hold myself back, or i'm gonna go crazy :twisted:

all i can say is, congratulations Pearl. make it the way you want it :) my personal opinion is i hope that it ain't hip hop or rap in anyway. or country :roll: . but i will still like you either way.

MOS vocals are awesome, i love ur voice in it. you and your dad sound SO great together :) when i hear a great song like Man Of Steel, I forget about a lot of the crap that there is in music lately.