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28 Jan 2004, 23:37
An earlier post asks why everyone at the Rockman is soooooooo angry, yet here it's even worse, just less swearing :bicker:

It's better than EastEnders at times (not that I'm ever going to admit that I watch that rubbish)

Pud 8O

29 Jan 2004, 06:21
Yes .. of course the cast of Eastenders wipe the blood and bruises off with cold cream and go home don't they?

Just read one of your posts elsewhere:
Vickip wrote:
Well I trust mlvoss and put in a bid to help out

Good on ya! What a true act of human kindness you have shown all of us and you surely are a ray of hope and inspiration in a world that's gone mad.

Yes she is isn't she? .. makes one wonder why she should be the butt of anyone's anger .. :roll:

29 Jan 2004, 07:04
I must admit, have only read the first few pages of that thread, scrolled down the next few, without reading every word. Now it is split, can't find it (yes, would find it IF I looked better) but just not WHY I am here! So, I am not even looking for it.
To me this is about debating (this is being done without swearing here, yes) :lol:
'winning an agrument' and frankly to me it feels like these High-school-groups sometimes. I have seen this happen too many times here...not interested in it At All! I have not always ignored this...but WILL completly in the future...

But I would like to make clear, I for one am NOT and most likely will Never be angry with Vicki. Because I believe her intentions are okay!

The whole copyright-issue doesn't interested me also!

I love Meat Loaf and life. I focus what makes me feel good.

But I did read The Rockman-board for a month (had to know what everyone was talking about)...stopped reading it, because it is a Jim Steinman-board and excatly what Pudding is saying...the fighting, didn't feel good to me.

Bottem line...fighting...I do NOT like that...Anywhere...

Great day to you,


29 Jan 2004, 07:41
I love Meat Loaf and life. I focus what makes me feel good.
I'll second that (and the rest of the post...). 8)