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28 Jun 2002, 19:14
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I've seen that Mark Alexander will be playing the piano on the Meat Loaf and Friends tour. Why was there no news about it on this site?

I think that it is great to have him back. He can play very good piano. And last year he did it very well on the Night Of The Proms.

01 Jul 2002, 01:55
Mark may be okay, but I still do not thik he could ever hold a candle to Tom Brislin. Mark is a good piano player, but often lacks any passion or excitement in his playing.

01 Jul 2002, 18:08
I totally agree with David, although it's probably unfair for me to comment because I love Tom Brislin! :D Out of the two though, I do think Tom is better, don't get me wrong because they're both increadible at what they do, but Tom's just got a certain something that brings more to the pieces he plays on stage

03 Jul 2002, 04:28
Neither will ever compare to Steinman, the god of rock'n'roll. By the way, the meat loaf and friends tour- is that the one coming up- and who else are 'the friends' that will be joining Meat?

03 Jul 2002, 22:08
Patti and Kasim, I know for sure.

I don't know if other band members will perform something.

04 Jul 2002, 05:25
So far, the "and friends" have been Kasim solo on his guitar and Patti with the Neverland express behind her to open the show, as well as John Golden doing a rockin' version of Money, Money.

I know Dennis DeYoung of Styx fame will be one of the "friends" when I see Meat Loaf perform in Allentown, PA.