View Full Version : Is the fan club worth joining? (unbiased views please!)

22 Jan 2004, 11:52

Just wondering if the fan club is worth joining? I was gutted that I couldnt go to the meet and greet and the fan club seems to be based in the same town i live anyway!!

what do u get and is it really worth it? like i said, unbiased opinion please!


Sapphire Lady
22 Jan 2004, 12:01
Hi Tim

Yes, it is definitely worth joining.

You get a nice welcome pack when you join filled with various goodies. I joined several years ago so I'm not sure exactly what the pack is like now.

Every 2 months you get a copy of the fan club magazine Rear View Mirror which is always full of lots of Meaty news, articles and photos. Why don't you buy one of the back issues (available to non-members for 3 - see the home page of this site) and see what you think.

And of course there are the "perks" available to members such as the meet & greet opportunities.

22 Jan 2004, 13:37
Yes it is.

You get the RVM magazine, the perks like M&G's and you get to help support this site.

Also, It's not based in Huddersfield!! I thought that but apparently that is just where the PO Box company is.

23 Jan 2004, 13:20
It provides you with some great articles and sections and things available no where else on the web.

It may offer perks such as Meet & Greets (the last few concerts were allowing two members of the fan club itself a chance to go backstage and Meet the man himself (and maybe his band)).

There is exclusive merchendise/offers and opportunies arose a while back for fan club members to bid in an auction.

If you like reading about meet, would be interested in the fringe benefits (and there is a chance there will be more, that would all depend on luck and organsiation I'm sure), then I see no reason why not. I signed for life and have absolutely no reason to consider it a waste of money.

If however you only like a few of his songs, aren't that interested maybe in reading reviews of concerts and interviews with various people. Or maybe you aren't that worried about meeting Meat himself, then it's probably not for you... If this was the case though, i'd find it odd you're on this website in this forum ;) hehe.

Take care,

p.s. It's a great community. There are members of the fan club without internet access who are always around at concerts and a great people to talk to and get to know!

23 Jan 2004, 13:41
I have a question as well.... and before I ask let me say that I have no trouble supporting any community that I enjoy or have an interest in. I was wondering about the membership cost amounts..... 19.50 for UK residents, and 27.50 for the "rest of the world." Is this due to additional costs for mailing and such?




Mike Piercy
23 Jan 2004, 13:50
That's exactly it, costs, we post six "Rear View Mirrors" out per year so to send to the USA is expensive, hence the cost.

Our PO Box is in Huddersfield where I deal with correspondence and many other things, we don't use anyone but volunteers who are fans, no companies are involved, there is no one paid, and we do everything from membership fees.

Try a couple of Rear View Mirrors, the Tour Editions are very good, the first is out now and the second in 6-8 weeks. It will cost you 10.00 (for the two) Click the box on the homepage to find out how to get them.


23 Jan 2004, 17:33
Thanks! Will check it out. :)


.... who just now noticed that her status changed to a Junior Loafer.... ;) Moving up in the world.... 8)

original sin
23 Jan 2004, 18:19
Yes definately worth joining - a super good quality welcome pack with pics & pin badge, laminated membership card, regular RVM.

extra charge for overseas is more than understandable as this covers extra costs and is done by most clubs - for example I paid extra when I joined the OIFC as I live in the UK and it is operated from the US.

Mike Piercy
23 Jan 2004, 20:08
It would be a sin not to join.


23 Jan 2004, 20:13
what is the cost in american dollars

Mike Piercy
23 Jan 2004, 20:17
I reckon about $47.00..................based on 1.00 = $1.70

Your exchange rate may be better over in the USA.

It's the postal costs that affect overseas fees.


original sin
23 Jan 2004, 20:42
It would be a sin not to join.


Indeed maybe not the Original one :wink: but a sin no the less :lol:

23 Jan 2004, 20:54
I'm gonna join when I get my money for going back to uni. It's the least I can do for meat and the folk who run the site.

23 Jan 2004, 22:34
worth joining :D lots of info :lol: i didnt get to any concerts this time :( but reading all the reviews made me feel like i was there :lol: i actually joined the fan club before i signed on to the website :? done it the wrong way round