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Tom B
20 Jun 2002, 13:33
It seems Testify is 8 months away. An article from the Toronto Sun in an interview regarding the tour, etc. has revealed the following.:

*Album not to be released for around 8 months
*10 of the 12 tracks have been recorded
*It could be followed with a 150 date, year long tour!!
*Some of the track may be performed in this sumers tour, including Tear *Me Down & later on, Man Of Steel!

The full article can be found here:


...it also goes on to mention two new films to be recorded in August & September. Furthermore, Meat had this to say:

"It's really a good album ... It sounds like me only it's like a little more updated. People have gone, 'Oh, that's a different kind of rhythm for you,' so there you go. That's the only way I can describe it. There are two or three things that you wouldn't have necessarily heard me do before but they sound like me and they feel like me."

The reliability of this info is obviously quite good, much of it coming from the man himself.

20 Jun 2002, 15:17
That is great news. When i read this, i became very curious, but still we have to wait.

But this is better than no news! :D

21 Jun 2002, 14:44
That sounds like a great tour! Kasim and Patti will play 2 sets, then Meat will come on and play for 80 minutes and then Meat and the N.E will sit around the piano and sing ("Like in a kitchen" .... Meat). Sounds like a fun packed tour.