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Renegade Angel
19 Jan 2004, 19:13
After years of always wanting to, but never actually getting round to it, I finally joined the fanclub.
I think the thing that finally made me join was the feeling of how gutted I was at not being able to go to a M&G in Sheffield last week, so although I've missed out this time I hope that now im a member I will eventually get the chance to attend a M&G should meat ever do anymore uk gigs.

I would just like to know what happens now? - I joined and paid on Saturday, but I've had no email or confirmation that im now a member - I paid online using worldpay, who have confirmed the payment but I've not heard anything about my membership????

I wasn't sure who to conatct about this, so I thought it might be better if I made a post on here so that any members could give me any more info.
When will I recieve my membership pack and bat number ect?

19 Jan 2004, 19:55
Welcome aboard....It's good to k :bicker: now that when we go down.........we're all going down together 8O 8O

19 Jan 2004, 23:13
Actually, that reminds me, I have a bone to pick with the Fan Club. I joined it ages go, must have been about 1996/1997 or something like that.
When I joined, I received about 2 postes in the first couple of months, something about TV appearences or something like that. Then after than...nothing. I wrote them two letters to complain, but heard nothing back from them at all. So 20 or whatever it was back then for 2 letters?

What's up with that?

19 Jan 2004, 23:26
Have you got the right Fan Club. This one - the Meat Loaf UK Fan Club (MLUKFC) - has always been brilliant. I joined it almost as soon as it was set up and am happy to carry on paying my subs every year. A lot of hard work is done by the people who run it and it is done out of their love of Meat and not for financial gain.

19 Jan 2004, 23:34
What's up with that?

I don't know .. but I get the Rear View Mirror every couple of months packed with info, reviews and pics. I had a problem my second year getting the RVM, but Diane sorted it out and sent me all the back copies. I'd say it is exceptionally good value.

20 Jan 2004, 08:35
I joined last year and so far so good. It took a few weeks to get my goodies through but when they arrived I was not disappointed. I've had my first RVM magazine and love it. The only tiny point of complaint is simular to the orininal poster, I never get replies to my e.mails to the administration. I know they do a good job and must be busy but an acknowledgement would be nice.

Renegade Angel
20 Jan 2004, 21:54
So it's worth the money then?

Why has this thread been moved to Site Feedback when it has nothing to do with the site? - it's a general question about the fanclub not the fanclub website.

20 Jan 2004, 22:04
Definitely Renegade :)

I can't answer your second question though .. perhaps it's because it's feedback about MLUKFC and this site is the UKFC website?

Renegade Angel
20 Jan 2004, 22:15
Cheers Caryl - Im looking forward to my little parcel of Meaty goodies :lol:

The reason I asked about the thread being moved was because I want to find out about actually being a member of the fanclub and what to expect, which I think has nothing to do with the website side of things.
I don't mean to sound awkward or anything but I wanted as many members to give me info about my question and I would have thought more people might see the thread in general messages not in site feedback topic area.

**sorry - just noticed that the thread can still be seen in general messages** - I did use the edit button tho - take notice R