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14 Jun 2002, 18:00
A few minutes ago i downloaded from another Meat Loaf site a song, i thought it was called Dixie. It was song by Meat Loaf and a choir. On that site they had not much info about this song, does anyone of you know that song or does any of you have info about it?

The last time i read and i learn a lot about some Meat Loaf songs, and a few of them, i didn't even new that they excist. :oops:
What other songs are there, that are not very famous? I mean, i now about the regulair Cd songs, but those other songs, and are there a lot of them....

I feel like i'm a very bad fan :cry:

14 Jun 2002, 19:59
I have seen Meat perform Dixie twice on TV shows

In August 1987 he was on an Elvis Tribute Show (10 years after the death of Elvis) and one of the songs he performed was the Mickey Newbury composition, a medley of “Dixie”, “All My Trials” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. This was of course made famous by Elvis as “An American Trilogy”. Meat was backed by a choir when performing this song

The same year he appeared on the “Ruby Wax” show “Don’t Miss Wax”. He sang about a minute of Dixie alone before the audience came in with an uptempo finale

By the way in twenty five years Meat has done a lot of things on TV - you can't be expected to know of them all - it does not make you a bad fan

14 Jun 2002, 20:57
I have been looking around for a while for many TV appearances he has made. Including the Elvis Tribute.

- Elvis Tribute
- Ruby Wax
- Tom Snider
- Intimate and Interactive With ML
- Speakeasy (Canadian)
- Odd Couple (I won't even ask !!!!)
- Stand By Me at Wembley Stadium (complete ML set)
- Rockpalast : Rock Pop in Concert (I have the CD but not the video)
- Rockpalast '78
- Australia interview (clips shown in Classic Albums and Behind Music)

Meats vocal is fantastic on "Dixie" on Evas site!

15 Jun 2002, 02:43
You can download the entire Rockpalast show from Dream Pollution: The Official Jim Steinman website.


Hope that helps!

15 Jun 2002, 15:41
i also think that "dixie" is worth recording cannot understand why it had never been put out!!

15 Jun 2002, 15:44
re above message anyone else know of any more obscure songs or is there anywhere of how i could get obtain a recording of "dixie" :roll:

15 Jun 2002, 17:42
Dottie, check this site, there you can download the song, i also downloaded it from that site:


16 Jun 2002, 03:16
I pretty much know of the very obscure studio songs

- Thrashin
- Hearts On Fire

are the most rare ones I know of . As for rare live obscure songs, there is so many that I have lost count !

PS> Has anyone got a copy of Meats 1981 studio cut of "Rock n Roll Dreams". He said he had it recorded for "Dead RInger" but someone traded him "Dead Ringer For Love" for Rock n Roll Dreams.

17 Jun 2002, 03:22
I think that finding that would be as likely as finding any of the vocals left from Renegade Angel!


18 Jun 2002, 02:48
No don't feel bad..we all can't possibly know everything Meat has ever sang or done!! I posted this review of "American Trilogy" on David's Meat Loaf Bat Caves Just wanted to share it here too.......

You Rock David!! Thanks for the link!! "American Triology" is one of
my all time favorite songs!! But...I'm tellin' ya now!! Meat will
have to really step up to the plate to top or even come close to
Elvis Presley's live version from "Elvis Aloha From Hawaii" To this
day..I can't listen to that one and keep dry eyes!! I'll let you know
when I finish listening to it after it downloads on my slower than a
snail PC!! LOL
Ok..still waiting!!....
Almost there!!...LOL Ok..here it goes......

Oh NO NO NO..Meat!! :roll: What are you doing?? OMG!! I agree with you
David..there is a bit too much Loafdom mode in this one!! I will say
the backing vocals are pretty close to Elvis'..but it's just not the
same without JD Southern and the Stamps Quartet's perfect harmony,
The Sweet Inspiration's soulful vocals, and Kathy Westmorland's
beautiful operatic soprano in the background and Charlie Hallis (sp?)
leading the band (these are the vocalists and musicians that backed
Elvis up for most if not all his later tours) and of course..The
voice of Elvis Presley, who was God given the birth right to sing
this song!! (Ok..You're all saying.."She's an Elvis freak!!" lol..but
not really..it's just he owns this song!! as he did with so
many....I'm still kicking myself for not going to that concert back
in 76, 4 months before he died!!)
Meat's vocals are awesome of course..he has the voice to carry this
song..but like you said David..he could have really nailed by toning
it down a bit. This is a really special song! It's a vocally
challenging song..range wise..I know from experience!! I've been
singing it along with Elvis since I was 2!! Well..thanks for letting
me post a review all!! I'd love to hear what others that have heard
both versions think too!! Thanks again for the link David!! Hope to
hear from others!! Take care guys!!

All The Best...
~Gina :)

26 Jun 2002, 21:03
Renegade Angel rings a bell, what is it??