View Full Version : Rebel Without A Clue (Bonnie Tyler)

White of High
11 Jun 2002, 19:08

I hope you will can help me. Early parts of Rebel Without A Clue look like a great disco song, but I don't know which is it. If you know this song could you tell me that is it an original Steinman's song? :? :? :?

12 Jun 2002, 13:02
If you want to know if that song (wich i never heard of) is a Jim Steinman song, you must check the Jim steinman page. It is a great site, and there is a lot of info. Also about the work that Jim wrote.....

So maybe that can help you. :D

White of High
21 Jun 2002, 17:45
I have found it!!!!

It's Turn The Beat Around by Gloria Estefan. This Song is same some part of Rebel Without The Clue by Bonnie Tyler. But this song ain't written by Jim. But it is copy. It's sure!!!!!! :P