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07 Jun 2002, 08:56
hello! a few days ago I got my hand on a very rare (at least I think) meat loaf bootleg on LP. It's called "Meat Loaf captures the world". I think it's from 1977, because his voice sounds the same as on Live At My Father's Place (raw and pure, not like in 1978, when he was tearing up his voice). The most fantastic thing is that Meat (so NOT Jim Steinman) sings More Than You Deserve with the whole band!!! It sound f***ing great!!! Is there anyone else who has this recording and who can tell me when it was recorded? Please let me know!

07 Jun 2002, 11:41
From the Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 1977 I believe

08 Jun 2002, 00:36
Wow!!!!! Please email me with further info on the LP and if we could trade possibly a copy for a copy on CD R