View Full Version : Manchester 17/12 2ND ROW Ticket For Sale!!

15 Dec 2003, 16:08
Looks like i cant make this show either :cry: Manchester, December 17th 2003. I have ONE ticket for the 2ND ROW, BLOCK B, Seat 3.

I lost too much money when all the other shows were cancelled and my student grant just doesnt allow for non-refundable easyJet flights etc etc :cry: So if anyone is interested in this top ticket, if you can let me know by email (Shawmtloaf@aol.com) by 11 am on Tuesday, December 16th, i can send the ticket next day delivery, so you are GUARANTEED to have it by 12 noon on Wednesday.

Cost 39.99 + 4.20 for special delivery. (But maybe we could do some sort of deal if you pick me up a tour t-shirt or something!) Thank you...

Take care,