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01 Dec 2003, 02:17
:D hello every one i have heard there is a film called Meat Loaf to hell and back based on his life it stars W Earl Brown as meat can anybody confirm this and tell me how to get hold of a copy thankyou for your time and help

01 Dec 2003, 03:01
:D hello every one i have heard there is a film called Meat Loaf to hell and back based on his life it stars W Earl Brown as meat can anybody confirm this and tell me how to get hold of a copy thankyou for your time and help

Hi !
You're absolutely right about the movie :)

It's available on Amazon.com :


but unfortunately it costs $52 :(

Sometimes it's listed on Ebay, and you might be able to get it cheaper there. Hope this helps.


01 Dec 2003, 10:32
its on sky tv ALL the time. try www.cableguide.co.uk and search in their tv listings.

01 Dec 2003, 11:33
ah man, why don't my parents want sky?!?!?
i'd love to see the movie, but theres no way i can afford to but it! :(
ummm, time to grovel and see if anyone i know has sky that can record it for me
thanks for the info!

01 Dec 2003, 19:30
i taped it off the tv, but frankly it's crap, so i wouldn't worry too much about it...try play.com or hmv or whatever. you might be able to order it.

01 Dec 2003, 19:56
:D hello every one i have heard there is a film called Meat Loaf to hell and back based on his life it stars W Earl Brown as meat can anybody confirm this and tell me how to get hold of a copy thankyou for your time and help

There's a copy on Ebay right now......


01 Dec 2003, 20:00
i'll let you bid goodhip!- i'm going to wait, my mate is going to see if she can tape it for me

01 Dec 2003, 20:50
As mentioned earlier it aint that good, although the guy playing Jim is pretty good and there are some touching moments. To be honest, if you haven't already done so, get the autobiography and read that. Its 100% truth (ish!) as it was (ghost) written by Meat, as opposed to the film which is a bit hit and miss. For instance, Meat's Dad having a shrine to him and his success despite the fact that he died before BOOH was made! Its a fantastic book and you'll love every minute of it.

black dog
01 Dec 2003, 21:04
I agree that the autobiography is really good. You can imagine Meat sitting down talking to you when you read it.

It is the easiest auto/biography that I have ever read. Well worth a read.


Keep Rocking
01 Dec 2003, 21:51
I have buyed the autobiographie (book) last week on ebay and read it at the moment. You really have the impression of Meat talking to you. I had to laugh out loud several times and sometimes it's very touching.
Go out and buy it

angel eyes
01 Dec 2003, 23:34
I haven't seen the film but I bought the book a while ago and have read it four times! (Which is good for me as I don't have time to read a lot these days).

You find things in the book that you have missed first time round and it is both funny and touching. Well worth the read.



02 Dec 2003, 08:37
got the autobiography, its like a second bible! i'm very sad, ive read it so much that i had to buy a second copy as it fell apart and it was my mums :oops:

so now mum has her copy back and i've got one which lovingly read very carefully now, its so sweet, i agree there are some very funny and touching moments in it....will have to go read it again!

02 Dec 2003, 14:13
honestly i wouldn't waste your money bidding on ebay for the film. vh1 might show it again at some point anyway. as mentioned, the only good actor is the guy playing Steinman, it's barely based on the book, and has only a few good moments...even though it never happened, i like the bit where he's driving back to see his father and "Objects..." is playing, quite moving.

02 Dec 2003, 20:22
The film is watchable, but the autobiography - now that is well worth getting a copy of. I read it in 3 days, I found it great. I'm reading it again now - it passes the jouney to work and if it wan't for my daughter i would have missed my stop.

Give it a go. :P

03 Dec 2003, 00:32
I thoroughly enjoyed the film!

But for that I would not have discoverd Meat Loaf last May (at the age of 55).

Read the biography, but I still love the film!

It is on Sky all the time - and I ALWAYS watch it.

Will tape it for you if you want!


03 Dec 2003, 03:41
Not a great film. The part with Meat's father was completely ruined. I thought he died a long time before BAT 1, and that Meat never saw him again. I wonder what Fireball has to say in regards to this movie? And to the mystery surrounding his father? I know - and the movie retains it - that his mother was a heroic woman. And she was.

03 Dec 2003, 11:42
thankyou all fro your help my friend has sky s i may have t harras am tortur him to record it orfalling that jut cy

03 Dec 2003, 12:31
Have read the book. Still haven't seen the movie.

Still waiting on the DVD copy from it and got it on vid, but i can't play it on my VCR.

The Butcher.

The Flying Mouse
03 Dec 2003, 14:38
:twisted: The film is worth a watch, but take everything in it with a pinch of salt :wink:
There too many things that are not right for no good reason.Some of them that are not very importaint, but could have been done right very easily.For instance.....

In the book,Meat's friend Armand Coullet, saw how Meat sweated while he was on stage.During a break, he asked Meat why he didn't take a hankercheif on stage with him, and gave him a red bandanna.That's how the tradition started.

In the movie, it's Leslie who sees him sweating and runs over while he's singing and passes him a hanky.

There is a well known interview that has appeared in documenteries, that took place in what looks like a cafe with all the band sitting round.The interviewer is a man.

In the movie, the cafe has become a park, the band has gone for a ciggie, and the interviewer has had a sex change :roll: .

As I say, little things.But they could have been done authentically with no great difficulty.

The book is fantastic 8) .Some amazing stories and a great style of writting.Very informal, like Meat himself is telling the stories.

While Meat was very much involved with the book, I don't think he had anything to do with the movie.
I too would be interested to hear what he thought of it.

04 Dec 2003, 08:04
Yep there is a film titled Meat Loaf, To Hell and Back, unfortunately I can't confirm if this is available on video but it has been on TV in in the UK a couple of times and is a good film.

07 Dec 2003, 10:45
I have an EX-RENTAL of the video