View Full Version : Meat Loaf Music Videos

21 May 2002, 11:43
Does anyone know if there are post-Bat 2 music videos for sale anywhere
(preferably online)? I am particularly interested in I'd Lie For You and
other videos such as Not A Dry Eye In The House (which I understand was
released as a single in the UK if I'm not mistaken, and I have seen a
small clip of it). Is Nothing Sacred would be a bonus too. To date I haven't been able to find any place (in either New Zealand or overseas) that sells them.



21 May 2002, 17:06
hi shane if you want meat loaf videos go to kazaa site and download meat loaf videos in the kazaa search engine about 8or 9 are there & i lie for you is there too if you get stuck i will email you the web site over mate greg@skeg63.fsnet.co.uk goodluck shane :P

24 May 2002, 19:03
I used Kazaa, to download a few Meat Loaf video's. I also got the live version of i'd lie for you. A great one.

And on some other pages i saw some movie and clip samples from Meat Loaf video's. Also live one's.

Now i don't now the exact page adresses, maybe you've already got them, but if you want them let me know.