View Full Version : dvds on ebay

22 Nov 2003, 02:41
just to let you know i am selling my dvds
for personal reason i have to sell a few things
heres the link theres 8 of them
for somepeople who wants to start collecting this is a great start
im sure ill buy them again
will put link on tommorow

22 Nov 2003, 16:13
yep and as sorry as i am about you having to lose the dvd's i have put in a bid

22 Nov 2003, 21:51
i would so buy them off ya, but i can't buy off net man. best of luck, hope someone buy's them off ya. that is unless u wanna PM me, and i will be more than happy to buy them off ya!!

I take this message back, lol, thinking it was someone on the forums with the DVD's. :oops: :lol:

22 Nov 2003, 23:13
Sorry in advance if i'm being too cheeky, but can you give an idea what you set reserve at? :)