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White of High
18 May 2002, 21:15
Hi Everybody!

I wanna know what are your favourite rocks and ballads from Meat Loaf. Because I don't understand, that why are Midnight At The Lost And Found and Modern Girl :evil: on The Very Best Of?

My favourite Ballads:
For Crying Out Loud
Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are
Not A Dry Eye In The House
Standing On The Outside
Surf' Up

My favourite Rocks:
A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste ("if it be rock")
Bat Out Of Hell
Wasted Youth/Everything Louder Than Everything Else
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through
Paradise By The Dashboard Light (only Live)

Another question: For Crying Out Loud why not on The Very Best Of? :? (Sorry my mistakes: I can't speak English very well. I'm from Hungary.)

18 May 2002, 21:50
I don't know. The very best of... is a double album, and of course, they had to make a choice. And maybe it is a choice of Meat Loaf, or maybe it is a choice of the record company. Fact is, there are a lot of other great songs on that album :D

My favorit ballads: Objects in the rear view mirror, Man and Woman, For Crying out loud

My favorit rock: out of the frying pan, rock 'n' roll dreams, One more kiss, Dead Ringer, paradise, getting away with the murder and of course Bat out of hell.

Actualy, i like al the songs.

19 May 2002, 01:28
The probable reason for having Modern GIrl and Midnight on the Very Best Of is because they probably wanted all the big hit singles on the album and they are hits. They may not be everyones favs though.

My Fav rocks are: "Runnin For Red LIght", "Bat Out Of Hell", "Everything Louder", and "Rubber Meets The Road".

My Fav Ballads are: "For Crying Out Loud", "Two Out Of Three Aint Bad",
1974 version of "More Than You Deserve", and "A Man And A Woman''.

My favourite instrumental is : "Back Into Hell"

My Favourite Speech is : "Wasted Youth"

19 May 2002, 13:20
I'll go with that - The Very Best Of...... anything should be retitled "The Accountants' Very Best Profitmaking Tracks Of....."

Who the hell makes the extremely subjective decision on "the best" tracks anyway? I don't remember a music company asking members of a fan club to vote on the contents of an album.....besides, all this is slightly irrelevant: CD/Rs & RWs make it possible to have your own "very best of" album from your collection - after all, you've already paid for the use of the track by buying the original so where is the problem with recompiling to your personal taste?

19 May 2002, 15:09
steve, i know what you mean. But earlier i said something about it, i thought it was in an other threat, but i don't know for sure.

The same i have with the remastered cd's. It is also something strange. Maybe i'm crazy, but i am not buying another bat out of hell album, i've got the original bat, and that 's fine with me. A revamped one? Lol

Those things are only for (you said it) the accountant. And i, for a part, agree with you.

19 May 2002, 20:23
The Very Best of tracks were (if im not mistaken) chosen mostly by Meat. The fact that his fave song (For Crying Out Loud) isn't on there is kinda strange, but he claims that it never sounded right. He apparently spent a lot of time trying to chose the orders of all the tracks. I guess that he was influenced by the mass, although, For Crying Out Loud is commonly regarded as one of the best songs ever written by Jim or sang by Meat...

basically, Meat says that there was no order in which he felt it was right that FCOL could be included... besides, almost all of Bat is on at that CD :) only lacks All Revved up and FCOL :)

Alex http://www.amadiere.com/forums/emoticons/yawah.gif

20 May 2002, 18:34
what album is Man And Woman from??

21 May 2002, 19:02
Blind Before I Stop

06 Jul 2002, 21:22
I mostly agree with you with what you find the best ballads and rocks. But you mustn't forget that almost nowone has the same interest.

I f.e. like midnight at the lost and fond, and millions even so or perhaps don't.

The creator of a album that contents a lot of very best offs mostly are recordcompanies and those people put on very best off albums the most and best sold singles. And that way the best are in their oppinion on the album.