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11 May 2002, 21:17
testify should be released sometime in september no date yet but it will be september so everybody get ready

12 May 2002, 16:11
Aw, September??

Oh well , I can't complain , it is better than never. Its a bummer thought that he will not have it released before the summer to promote it on the SUmmer Tour? which songs will be released as singles?

12 May 2002, 17:29
Sometimes in September? Well, i thought it was around March this year that the album was released, but than it was delayed, and now around september. WEll, it is good news.

Will there also be a tour, i will think so! Well, i hope so!!!

Now we must wait.......... oefff, very tough!

13 May 2002, 01:43
How did you come by this information, or is it just a guess?

13 May 2002, 09:32
I do now that i read somewhere that indeed the album will be released around or after the summer. But i don't know where.
Anyway, it is good news that there is still a 'sound' of the album.

06 Jul 2002, 20:05
It's a little later than I suspected, but this news gives some hope.
I thought that after March, May and June had passed by that Testify had been a bad joke. But after reading this it give a lot of hope :D

07 Jul 2002, 13:19

Sometime ago, there was a news artikel that testify will not be released within another 8 months, see www.ml-testify.com

There that artikel was on it.

07 Jul 2002, 17:43
Damn, well things go as they go but that's not the best news i've heard

13 Jul 2002, 18:40
Agreed! Not the best news.......but if it means another tour!!!!