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11 May 2002, 20:49
can anyone tell me where i can buy vh1 storytellers region1 for the uk not region 2 for the usa i have tried amazon & ebay but i can only find region 2 for the usa please help you bats out there. :(

12 May 2002, 12:23
As far as I know, the Storytellers DVD is only available as REGION 1 (USA).


15 May 2002, 10:08
It is told to me that dvd players can be made easyily zone free. I don't know how but it is possible.

15 May 2002, 11:56
It is certainly possible because I have done that to my DVD player which I bought here in the UK about 12 months ago.

Some time ago a daily newspaper was complaining about how scandalous this region coding was and directing readers to a web site where you could get instructions for changing most DVD players to all region players just by pressing a few buttons on the remote control. I think it was called “hack” the region code. I don’t remember the web site but something similar ought not to be difficult to find through a search engine.

I have been able to play US DVDs with no problem ever since, including Meat’s Storytellers

Of course more recent players may not be so easy?

16 May 2002, 09:46
here in the netherlands a store sold dvd players for 200 euro or something and they included a cd which can make you dvd player zone free.