View Full Version : Forum Rules - Please don't!

10 May 2002, 23:30
Spam messages such as chain letters, hoaxes, adverts
(including messages posted to promote other forums/sites),
pyramid selling schemes etc. , will be removed from public view.
If you're wanting to promote your own pages/forum please consider
the fact that people will be more likely to visit your site if they've had
the chance to get to know you as a regular contributor to our forum.
We have no problem with you including links in your profile.
People who 'hit and run' by joining a forum just to post a message
to promote their own forum aren't doing themselves any favours.

Post material likely to offend.
Please remember that we welcome fans of all ages, and backgrounds, to the forum.
Messages either containing offensive material or links to such material will be removed or edited.

Copyrighted material.
Messages either containing copyrighted material or links to such material will be removed or edited without further notice.
This includes (and is not limited to) pirated software, mp3 and mpg/avi collections, bootlegs, etc.

While healthy discussion, and indeed debate, is the backbone of a forum, personal attacks will not be tolerated.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if we all thought the same life would be very boring ;).
So please do show consideration for others.

30 Nov 2003, 21:04
Profanities and insults directly addressing forum members are not tolerated.

People posting insulting/abusive messages will have their forum account suspended for one week.
Repetetive posting of abusive and insulting messages will result in a site ban.