View Full Version : Gunshy on Dutch TV

24 Oct 2003, 21:23
On the Dutch tv channel Yorin the movie Gunshy will be played.

At 0.15 hours

Take a look, very good movie.

The Flying Mouse
26 Oct 2003, 14:41
:twisted: I've seen this movie a few times,and for the life of me I just can't spot Meat 8O .
Can't see him on screen,never heard another character refere to his character (Lew Collins),not even a mention of him in the ending credits :? .
I thought I might be watching the wrong movie,but I checked a movie information database on the web and everything else seems to indicate thet I am watching the right film :roll: .

For the record,the movie I have stars Liam Neeson,Sandra Bullock and Oliver Platt.The story revolves around an undercover DEA officer who has lost his nerve but has to pull off one more job.

Can someone PLEASE confirm that this is the right movie,and point out the scene Meat is in.

27 Oct 2003, 14:46
guess I missed it...to bad.


The Flying Mouse
02 Nov 2003, 16:23
anyone seen it?
anyone seen Meat in it?


Cpl Mickey
05 Nov 2003, 00:02
I've seen gunshy but i can't remember seeing Meat either :(