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evil nickname
23 Oct 2003, 21:03
likes the live version of "All Revved Up" from the "Objects" single just as much as I do?

It's a really good version which starts out very slow, with a constant pounding piano chord... and Meat who tells about a girl who used to just ignore him at school... and after the 1st verse they speed things up. Best part, imo, is when the 2nd verse starts - and Pat Thrall forgets what to play, then Meat goes "Second verse, Pat!"... hilarious!

This version is IMO so much better than the one on Live Around The World - which I find to be rather dull.


23 Oct 2003, 23:30
Hi, William!

Thank you!! I have a copy of that version of the song and never knew where it came from!! :D

It's a great version! I love the opening!! And I also didn't know if he was talking to Pat Thrall or Patti, when he talks about the 'Second Verse.' Now, it's even funnier!!!

It IS a great one! Thank you again for the extra information!!


24 Oct 2003, 16:22
Yes, William it is a great version!
I love it!
I love this "second verse, Pat" too! It's very funny and I can hear they have fun by playing this song! :P

Keep Rockin'

Only one day.... :bunny: :bunny: :bunny:

01 Nov 2003, 22:46
I love the story :D I'm guessing that Meat didn't do this very often?

But it is funny when Pat messes up a little, I think he misses a riff.

02 Nov 2003, 10:37
Both are great versions. Specially in the early days meat played All revved up live.

02 Nov 2003, 12:29
He played All Revved Up on every tour.