View Full Version : Which Do You Prefer?

23 Oct 2003, 20:43
What is the best version of Forever Young? Basically, I mean, which one is the best?

Rob The Badger
23 Oct 2003, 21:08
I made a post on this the other day. . .just for your sake I'll do it again. It's Dylan's imo.

23 Oct 2003, 21:22
This forum has a search feature which actually works!
Anyway - this is offtpic here so Michel has to decide what to do with this.

23 Oct 2003, 21:24
Oh forgive me, If you wish to remove this you can R. I completely forgot about the Search.

23 Oct 2003, 21:35
There is also another topic about this, but the other topic is the difference between Dylan's and Meat version, and here you can talk also about other versions of this song. So I will lock the other topic, and you can discuss here which version you like the most.

27 Oct 2003, 11:01
I think Dylan is an excellent song writer but his vocals are a bit weak. I think Meat really does the song justice - especially in the soft parts although i think the chorus is a bit heavywhich ruins it for me a bit. But overall, meats is best version - if only Meat and Dylan would team up for an album - whoa!

27 Oct 2003, 12:02
MEATLOAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actully i haven't herd n e of the other 1's! damn

27 Oct 2003, 12:47
Chrissie Hyndes [Pretenders] version is the best i have heared, fantastic vocals.

28 Oct 2003, 02:56
Meat's has a lot of power, and I love that guitar thing during the chorus. Makes me like it a lot more. I love guitar, and to put it in such a ballad, its really nice. Personally, I don't care for Dylan's version at all. He is a weak singer, but has great songwriting powerful. So that evens things out. Meat did a great cover. I also like Rod Stewart's. That was the first version I heard.

Woman of Steel
08 Nov 2003, 23:08
Meat's!!!!! Rod Stewart's is pretty good, but I am a die hard Meat fan, and that man really knew how to sing the song!! Bob Dylan...the man can write, but he has weak vocals. No wonder he didn't sell. I love the way he changes during the soft parts and then the guitar parts and then the chello/piano ending. Really good! :D