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06 May 2002, 02:22
Hi people
I have some possibly good and bad news , the bad is that "Testify" will be posponed until the end of the summer , the good is that Meat will be doing another tour to promote the album. But if everyone has already seen Meat in the summer tour , will they pay again to see him ? I mean , we would for sure (I would) , because we are die hard , but for the people who are "touch wood" Meat Loaf fans they may not wont to see him again.

06 May 2002, 10:47
Well, about the album, it's to bad!! I mean, we are all still waiting, and why would they delay an album?

And about the tour, if Meat Loaf is smart, he will not go to the country's he has already been for the Meat Loaf and Friends tour. It would be very smart to go to the other country's like the Netherlands or other European Country's. :D I think that's i good idea.

And why shouldn't we go twice to Meat Loaf, i mean, he's more in America then here, so i will go.

06 May 2002, 15:19
Probably the reason that Meat is in America more is because it is harder to have a successful record over there , and he therefor needs to tour alot there. But nearly anything Meat does here in the UK is famous , every studio album Meat has ever released has hit the top 10 , except Stoney and MEatloaf , and Blind Before I Stop. Will Meat be playing any of the major venues here in the UK ? the concert stadiums and arenas like NEC or Wembley ?

06 May 2002, 18:08
Hi Ted,

i'm just curious - did you post messages on the old forums using a different username?

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If not, just ignore this.


06 May 2002, 20:01
Any one who has seen meat life and does not go a second time when an other tour comes, is stark raving mad.
at least that is my opinion.
bummer that the album is delayed. nice that he comes to the UK and so, but he is not coming to the netherlands. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
it is just revenge cause we had the NOTP and not the UK.
:( :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry:


06 May 2002, 22:30
Revenge aside - I have to agree.......share and share alike people - but too much ML? Nah....like having too much oxygen....impossible!!!

09 May 2002, 07:00
Ted, may I ask where you got this information?

If I'm correct (these things always confuse me), late summer in the northern hemisphere means late August. Am I correct?

I guess it would make sense, as someone else said, to go to different places than the Friends tour.