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06 May 2002, 02:15
Hi people

I have tickets for a show in the Summer TOur called "Meat Loaf and Friends". Will Meat be playing a full 2-3 hour set of his own songs with the Neverland Express , or does Meat share the stage with others and only sings a few songs ?

PS> in the 80's , did any of Meats albums sell 100,000 copies ? I hear it was a low point in his career

06 May 2002, 10:49
Your right about the albums in the 80's. They didn't sell very good. I don't know the numbers of it, but they never selled so good as the Bat out of Hell albums.
It's a pitty, because those albums are also very good, and have some good songs on it.

06 May 2002, 13:40
meat loafs deadringer album sold over 3 million copies