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01 May 2002, 00:54
Hi all,
Today (april 30) we celebrate in Holland queensday (birthday of our queen mum) For that reason Queen(or what left of it) gave a special concert in Amsterdam. I saw it on tv just now.
But you never gues who was doing a lot of the lead vocals.
Yes it was Patti Russo, and she rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was awesome! :D :D :D

Greetz Timewarp.nl


01 May 2002, 04:40
Do you mean Queen as in Brian May, Freddie Mercury etc?

I'm not a Queen fan (not that I don't like them or anything) but could you tell me what songs Patti sung, if that's possible?



01 May 2002, 23:08
OMG!!! The MP3's of the show are off the hook!!! Rumor has it there will be a CD of this concert available soon! I will keep you posted as I find out more info!

02 May 2002, 13:00
yes it was queen like freddie and brian may queen.
she sung another one bites the dust and a couple more.
on http://www.heineken.com they are offering a cd-rom of the concert.
just click on the queensday link
Greetz Timewarp

02 May 2002, 22:25
:lol: For me, that's almost my ultimate fantasy. If only Meat had been singing. Could you imagine Brian May pulling off the Motorbike solo from Bat? Could you?

03 May 2002, 16:29

I taped the whole Queen concert, it was great. Of course, we missed Freddie, and that was to bad. But, they rocked like in the old times. Patti was great, and oh my god, what a voice does this woman has. It was great.

Later that evening there was an interview with Queen, and also with a Dutch singer, she called Patti a background singer!!! :twisted: Stupid!!!

On thursday, there was a program where they go back to a special year, and they review some things that happend in that year. Well, now the year was 1978, and they talked about Meat Loaf and Paradis By The Dashboard Light. Great!!

Well, this was a great Meat Loaf and Patti week!

04 May 2002, 19:04
You can download parts or all of the concert on MirrorOfTheSoul.com now!