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08 Oct 2003, 09:42
Meat Loaf sang this with the chorus of MORE THAN YOU DESERVE (at the end of Act 1). It is, perhaps, the most arousing and phenomenal of ALL Steinman tracks (but never recorded). The tune was recycled in Steinman's film score "A Small Circle of Friends". I wonder what Fireball's opinions are of this song:

08 Oct 2003, 15:04
Hi rockfenris, any more information on this, I'm intrigued, can I find a clip anywhere?

A small circle of friends, can you tell me a little about this?

Thanks rockfenris,


09 Oct 2003, 07:52
The song closes the first act of Jim Steinman's off-Broadway musical MORE THAN YOU DESERVE. You can find the MP3 (under MUSICALS - MORE THAN YOU DESERVE) at Smeghead's "Realm of Dreams" website
(link removed) as well as its "recycled form" in
A SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - which was a movie Jim wrote (the score) in 1980. More details at Smeg's website

Edit (R): Removed the link.

09 Oct 2003, 09:02
Cheers rockfenris for the information, going for a look and listen later :)

White of High
09 Oct 2003, 14:00
Maybe Meat will sing it on his new album! Jim uses his old musicals in every songs! Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Small Circle Of Friends), Heaven Can Wait, All Revved Up, Bat Out Of Hell are from Neverland, etc...

Meat new songs will be Jim's old songs!

07 Nov 2003, 07:09
Not with BAT 3, I'm afraid. Meat has ordered ALL NEW ORIGINAL SONGS. Btw, here are two Stein-shows you should look out for: BATMAN and RHINEGOLD**