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Tom B
24 Apr 2002, 16:32
There seems to be loads confusion with the sale of the UK tix for Cardiff, Hyde Park & Leeds. Here's what I know...

First thing this morning tix were available for Cardiff & Leeds at Ticketmaster.co.uk but the online booking forms were NOT working. I decided to phone them, and spent about half an hour getting engaged tones for the booking line at Ticketmaster. Called the customer service people & told them about the faults with the online forms (they've been down since) & booked tix.

Later on this afternoon I check Ticketmaster.co.uk again to find the listing for Hyde Park was up, but the online forms for all three dates were DOWN saying tickets not available for sale yet. I rang cust. serv. again & the operator wasn't sure why it said this. She did however, confirm that Hyde Park tix WERE for sale (and I promptly booked a couple) as well as confirming my earlier booking.

My advice at the moment - call their customer service line & explain what you want & what's going on on their site.

Hope this help anyone who's struggling. It's all a bit of a farce.


24 Apr 2002, 21:08
I'll go with Tom on this one - a total farce.

Despite the confusion on the Ticketmaster website (yes, they're for sale/no, they're not), I have bought tickets for Cardiff (Block 3, Row K if anyone's interested).

Don't believe the bull - go for the boxoffice!!

Tom B
24 Apr 2002, 23:53
Sure is frustrating - looking at the "Shout Box" it seems there's been loads of problems :cry:

I've successfully got tix for Cardiff & London. My only thought is that perhaps the initial allocation Ticketmaster have has already sold out?

I'll ring them again tomorrow to try and find out what's going on! :roll:

26 Apr 2002, 15:10
You may have seen from the shout box I managed to get my tickets for Cardiff today :D this was through Ticket Line, I was not able to have any info on where the seats were! I was just told that they did not have access to seating plans & that I would get the next best seats in line (there had been 20 sales before mine). Although I am pleased I managed to get tickets I am disappointed at the lack of info. It seems you pay your money and take a chance that you will at least be near enough to see Meat. Having said that July seems sooooo far away! :(

Edit: Fixed that faulty bbcode and deleted the double post. R.
Edit #2: ... and my typos! :oops:

26 Apr 2002, 15:20
:oops: sorry to have repeated my posting I am new to all this and I kept on crashing :!:

26 Apr 2002, 16:42
I'll see y'all in London baby!!!!!!!!! :D


26 Apr 2002, 20:34
:oops: sorry to have repeated my posting I am new to all this and I kept on crashing :!:

No prob, Anne. I fixed it.


27 Apr 2002, 20:11
See - I'm confused again! I know...it doesn't take much...! :? But anyway!! I spoke to the guy at ticket master and he referred to the rows we were talking about as C and D, and the guy Alex spoke to said C, but the woman that sorted our tickets said row 4 - so are they in numbers or letter?!!!


29 Apr 2002, 15:59
Thanks R for fixing my error, if you are going to Cardiff see you there :)