View Full Version : I Don't have CHSIB yet, so I will review WTTN Please share.

19 Sep 2003, 01:41
Less than a week for us Canadians waitin for the CD :D .
So I'm deciding to review the WTTN CD, and work my way down.

Well Welcome To The Neighborhood, so far I would rate, Meat's 2nd best!!

(This is my personal review of Neighborhood, if you don't want to read it, that is okay, I'd like to hear what people think of the album. And please respond, as if CHSIB weren't thought of yet. So it would be, Bat 1 and 2, ringer, midnight, attitude, blind, neighborhood.) I think this album, is a 10\10 a lonth with BOOH., Bat 1 number one.

What: I said second best after BOOH.
Where: Nowhere, wait, my CD player, lol :D
Why:Here's for the long part. Welcome To The Neighborhood, is my favourite because all of the songs are really pumping and just Rockin!!!! Now don't get me wrong Bat 2 is awesome, and so are all the other ones. But I like this one because even though there are some slow songs, they full and Loud, and STRONG especially.

Rubber\s Road has a slow beginning, with that car door slammin at the first that says hop in your going for a ride!!!!! The solo on the song is awesome. And has its little slow parts, and loud parts!! Perfect song.

I'd Lie For You, tones down a bit, and Patti Russo comes in for the first time in Meat record history, and does a DAMN good job at it, (hope i can say that). Beautiful duet, if the solo were as long as the LIVE video version, I would say this is my fav song on the album.

Original Sin, is A Steinman song, a song, that is really done neatly. Saying stuff like you can go past your limit in certain things, but will it really ever be enough? Paints a great image, another great song, Go MEAT!! Luv his voice here.

45 Seconds, its a good and half song, its a little break, something, I love listening to just before, a great song comes in. Yea, I think she is sing about Meat heree.

Runnin For The Red Light is a song, fast song, slammin!! Love the chorus, love the ending, love the first. Its really fast, it would be fun to just blare in a car!!

That Fiesta one, happen's to be my friend's favourite, I personally don't know why, I do know he has an attention span of a fly, sorta like me, lol. Its fun to listen to, I'm glad its only the length it is, I like really hearing Meat sing after that.

After that is A slammin slow song. At first I thought it was kinda okay, but Meat, went full operatic, and the music is really loud!! Its a great song, that paints a sad great image. I love his voice in this one.

Not A Dry Eye In The House, is a beautiful theatre song, I love this song, very very much. The ending when he goes soft and says, not a dry eye the house, kinda tears me up, because its over.

But theeen, bm, bm, bm, bm, you can hear the drums kick in from the next song. My favourite song from this album. Amnesty is Granted, a duet with Sammy Haggar. The guitars in this song are AWESOME!!!! The singing is awesome. Its all incredible done well. I love everything about this one, its my favourite. I just love this song. I can't describe it. I can't describe a lot of Meat songs, I just don't have words for them, but I definetly think highly positive over a lot of them!!!!

Then another kick@ss duet with PATTI RUSSO, If This Is The Last Kiss, the music blends in a lot with the fantastic singers, Meat and Patti, YOU ROCK!!!! All music and words on this album is awesome.

Martha, is least liked song on this album. But I still like how Meat goes powerful, and the story is nice, and Piano, has done well. Its really understandable story. Good song, Like it and a half.

And the conclusion. WHERE ANGELS SING. They never use the word Heaven in the song, but you know what they're talking about. With those angels singing, and Meat full operatic mode!!!! AMAZING voice, great way to end the album.

So what do you guys think of my opinions? What are your opinions? I think that this is 2nd best of Meat. Keepin mind I never heard CHSIB, Midnight, Blind yet. If Bat 2 was 100%, I feel its 95 percent, It would have been like 2nd, but i feel that Neighborhood is 100% and BOOH is 100% So far thats my top 3.

SEE YEA ALL, looking forward to hear from yeas.

25 Sep 2003, 04:47

WTTN is one of my favorites (right after Bat 1 & 2 and CHSIB), so I was glad to see your review of it. My two favorite songs on WTTN are I'd Lie for You (And That's the Truth) and Original Sin. I agree, Patti's vocals on I'd Lie are absolutely amazing, they take the song to a whole new level. I'd love to hear more of Patti on WTTN (and CHSIB), I can't wait to hear a solo album from her but even more I love the way she interacts with Meat.