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White of High
13 Sep 2003, 18:53
I'm curious what's your opinion. Which Meat movie is his best? And why?

13 Sep 2003, 22:24
This was a hard choice! I would have picked either Fight Club or Crazy in Alabama based on overall high quality, but I instead had to go for a movie with "more Meat"- a bigger role. I was torn between Roadie and Blacktop, and I had to go with Blacktop because it was so far from Meat's personality- in Roadie it almost seemed like he was playing himself. Blacktop is quite far from the real Meat (at least let's hope so!), so it was a more difficult acting job. Just my opinion.


13 Sep 2003, 23:19
yes i felt the same, but i was stuck between the first movie i
had seen him in which was rocky horror, and so will allways be
a favourite of mine and blacktop which is as you said so far
removed from meats personality and an excellent film. :?

14 Sep 2003, 19:41
Black Top no doubt for me

27 Oct 2003, 11:58
FIGHT CLUB!! makes me go all giddy n soppy wen i see meat smile when he see the big smilie thing on th ebulding awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! :D

27 Oct 2003, 19:51
OK confession time

I hae only seen 4 and a half Meat films so far

Roadie, Rocky horror, Spice World, some Disney opne where he played a villain in a big furry coat!!!! and am halfway through watching WishCraft!!!

The best so far - Roadie without a doubt but I love "musical films" like this and Almost Famous/Moulin Rouge etc etc

28 Oct 2003, 05:30
I liked Meat's performance in Fight Club very much, and Crazy in Alabama. The poll doesn't include Outside Ozona, Everything That Rises, Black Dog or Wishcraft? I liked all of these too, particularly Everything That Rises which showed his touch for light comedy.

However, although Blacktop was at least a solid starring role in which Meat gave a fine performance, for me Focus is the film which so far has best showed his depth/breadth of skill as an actor. I've always felt that the sign of true acting skill is when you can hear the words yet understand what the character is feeling when it's at odds with the words being delivered. Alec Guinness was a master of this as anyone who saw his portrayal of Smiley will know. Meat achieved this with consummate skill as Fred in Focus. A character who could have so easily been portrayed as a one dimensional bully, Meat played him with real finesse. William Macey is of course an exceptional actor, and imo Meat matched him with an equally peerless performance. Had this been a "Hollywood" film on general release I have no doubt that Meat would have been nominated for a best supporting actor award, and it was one of the few I found so compelling that I rewound it and watched it again right away.

29 Oct 2003, 19:54
I think Meat in Fight Club was excellent. A thought did pass my mind though..apart from the breasts ( which some female members would be proud of) Meat was missing two delicate parts of his fine musclar anatomy.

I just wondered how Meat would reach those very high pitched notes... if you know what I mean???

30 Oct 2003, 18:06
the best meatloaf movie i say was blacktop, but in close second is rustin , a new movie that was just released. he plays a very good role in it and even one part he is wearing shorts. if u haven't seen this movie yet i suggest u do. it was great

02 Nov 2003, 14:06
That is hard to choose, so i won't.
But you forgot about How To Catch A Yeti!!!

That is a very funny and cool movie with Meat in the leadplay so....

White of High
02 Nov 2003, 16:15
Catch A Yeti??? I think this is a terrible film. Terrible film for children. But the worst movie of Meat is Motorama!

02 Nov 2003, 16:26
So how is it terrible?

17 Nov 2003, 11:14
It was hard to choose. I have only seen a few of Meatīs movies: Rocky Horror Picture show, Fight Club, Black Dog and recently black top. he was great in lack Top. Meat was teddybear and psyco at the same time. :) It was a little bit hilarious. (I mean the film was hilarious, not Meat)

29 Nov 2003, 20:41
I had a hard time deciding between CIA and Blacktop, so I went with ROADIE for some odd reason.

18 Mar 2004, 17:20
I went with rocky horror. Not just because he was in it and he looked GORGEOUS but because it's truely great!!!

RHPS fact: When meat was singing hot patootie, his voice was so loud and strong that a chandelier crashed.

21 Mar 2004, 12:37
Blacktop - no question at all. One thing's for certain: he's making aname and expanding his abilities all the time. Just hope that he doesn't get steroetyped into the villain.

21 Mar 2004, 16:32
I refuse to choose!!!

Reasons being:
1) I havnt seen them all
2) Because the ones i have seen so far, I can't choose coz they are all soo good!!

Ermmm yeah so theres my reasons!! Now if I could vote for more than one then i would! :lol:

Loafy Meats
22 Mar 2004, 13:36
waah - I'm in the leap of faith minority. I really liked that film - I got it before I knew Meat was in it - tho I recognised his arm at the start before his name came up - weird......

08 Apr 2004, 13:22
My favourite is To Catch a Yeti. There's a moment where he's really huge and frightening, standing in the snow outside a wooden shack. That's my ultimate villainous portrayal of Meat. And then the way the smoke just emits from his lungs - and he speaks really calm and evil. That is sooo cool. I wish Meat would play more villains. If Jim ever does NEVERLAND, He must play Captain Hook! I also like the film where the young boy falls off the car and becomes a cripple (can't remember the title). I thought he was very good in that too. I hated BLACK DOG. That movie was awful - but when Meat (or Red) was screaming in the car, during the chase, that was chilling. PS. Is the Loaf working on any films at the moment?

The Flying Mouse
10 Apr 2004, 17:46
I also like the film where the young boy falls off the car and becomes a cripple (can't remember the title).

:twisted: Films called Everything That Rises :wink:

03 Jun 2004, 22:56
What is your fave Meat film and why?

For me it has to be Black Top - its just the psycotic nature of his character that makes the heart pump and the flesh crawl - Meat at his best in my opinion. i know its not one of his most well known of films but I truely think he's great in it - he makes the film good :D

As for his other films i love are Fight Club (my mum didn't realise he had a fat suit on and said "After all that work he did trying to lose weight!" :lmao: had me laughing for ages!) I also love Black Dog - he really does seem to get into the "Bad Guy" roll very very well - well done Fire Ball! xxx

04 Jun 2004, 12:53
Moved above post to Best film topic.

04 Jun 2004, 22:45
:D Roadie is my favourite! Meat in cowboy hat and boots! Magic smiles all the way. Oh and his wonderful entrance swooooooooooooon!



05 Jun 2004, 12:04
Roadie Rocks!!! 8)

05 Jun 2004, 13:40
The bands make it rock, buut the roadies make it roll!! :P :P :P

I love Roadie too!! Great film!!

06 Jun 2004, 21:56
Boogie King of the Chair!