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04 Aug 2003, 17:18
Videos: Rock'n'Roll Mercenaries

This video is too simple for me. There are only Meat Loaf and John Parr singing in the studio. It hasn't got any aura. I think, it's the worst video of Meat.


04 Aug 2003, 22:41
I've also never seen this video... So can't say a thing about it. But if you say so.... :D

05 Aug 2003, 10:34
I have only seen this back in 1986 on a tv-station called Super Channel. i remember Meat's long hair is put in a tail (is that right). Meat and Jogn are both playing guitar and there are also some girls doing the backing vocals. The video is stupid i remember.

05 Aug 2003, 15:56
i've only seen small clips, think they were on the ROL and in my opinion i cant give a score as i havent seen the whole thing.
If anyone knows where i can get my hands on the whole thing please tell me :D Thankyou.

Testify :D

05 Aug 2003, 18:30
If anyone knows where i can get my hands on the whole thing please tell me :D Thankyou.

Testify :D

Anyone who wants this video only has to get the "Hits 5 Video Compilation"





05 Aug 2003, 21:33
ty!!! :D

05 Aug 2003, 23:17
ty!!! :D

Mmmm... i won't say nothing.

But i mean, on the i-net it can't be found anywere for download orso... and i can't find it on a DVD orso... why isn't there a DVD of video with all the video's Meat Loaf has made.....??? :??:

06 Aug 2003, 01:09
why isn't there a DVD of video with all the video's Meat Loaf has made.....??? :??:

I have always assumed that it would be unlikely to happen because of difficulties in getting permission of the copyright holders. After all I suppose the early videos are owned by Epic, Surfs Up I think is an RCA video, there are three or four videos owned by Arista, then there are the nineties ones from Virgin and finally Universal/Polydor for the recent two. Presumably like the recordings themselves the videos are owned by the old record companies?

Then again I could be talking a load of rubbish - I hope so or I wish it could be sorted out because it would be great to see

Getting the thread back on to the specific topic of the Rock N Roll Mercenaries video.

I don't understand why the video has shots of the police dealing with rioters interspersed with Meat and John performing the song. It's probably me being thick but I don't get it!

Also why does that girl get up suddenly and start doing some weird dancing with emphasised arm movements at some point? Then again I guess there doesn't have to be a reason - it's entertaining

Still quite a bit going on, other than Meat and John singing the song, to maintain some interest. I might not really understand it but I find it quite enjoyable to watch. 7 out of 10

07 Aug 2003, 09:48
Quite like this one, What ever happened to John Parr? 7/10

Renegade Angel
07 Aug 2003, 20:49
I believe that he is still involved in the music industry and writes music for film soundtracks.

He actually lives not far away from me near Doncaster.

There is a small country pub near Doncaster that my parents go to and John goes in there now and again

The Landlord told my dad that one night Years ago John was in the pub with Meat sat in the corner enjoying a pint.
I assume that this was around the time that Meat was working with John in the 80s, so if Meat ever visited John's house then maybe they nipped out for a quiet pint.

Can you remember any of this Fireball?