View Full Version : CHSIB is just our 5th favourite album...

White of High
02 Aug 2003, 19:21

02 Aug 2003, 21:42
Well it is no surprise it is behind Bat 1 and Bat 2 in the rankings

And The Very Beat Of in my opinion does not count as a "proper" album for this purpose so it is really fourth

That it is behind Deadringer is more surprising if only because it is so new at the moment. It is however very close between these two and if you take out the Non-Meat tracks on the two albums CHSIB would be above Deadringer.

I am now going to find something better to do on a Saturday night than play around with statistics - now where are those company accounts I was having so much fun reading!

02 Aug 2003, 23:36
Its far too early to judge...try this time next year and we'll see if we are still playing the CHSIB and how long it "lastibility" is. Also, meat turns a song into something different with a live version so lets wait to we've got live recordings of the new album. I love DIST CHSIB and Tear me Down soo much and then when i got Live versions of them they were even better..meats songs in my opinion are better live, i cant remember the last time i listened to a Bat 1 or 2 album version of a song..instead i opt for live around the world. Once live recordings are released from CHSIB peoples minds will change..it'll be like 12 new songs! CHSIB is up there already with me...so i cant wait till the new songs are recorded and released live! In my opinion you have got meat recording in a studio under rules and regulations..wait till he takes the songs on a stage and makes them his own!

03 Aug 2003, 05:16
I'll let you know when I can finally buy the album :twisted:


03 Aug 2003, 22:04
In my opinion it is number six. I like the other albums more. But I think this album is better than BBIS and MATLAF.

04 Aug 2003, 22:43
I don't know. I agree with Michel that it must be number 6. I also know that it can't be the number one album, cause that are Bat 1 and 2. But it is much to early to rate this album.....

05 Aug 2003, 10:31
To me it is second, right after the bats.

evil nickname
05 Aug 2003, 10:51
Since I find that TVBOML is not a 'real' album, and therefore, it should not be counted as such -- it would be 4th, and TVBOML would drop to the 7th place, with an average of 7.93 (just for HBN/NMW, INS and AKIATTTW)

But in my personal ranking, CHSIB is tied for 4th place:

1. Bat Out Of Hell II; Back Into Hell
2. Bat Out Of Hell
3. Dead Ringer
4. (tie) Couldn't Have Said It Better
4. (tie) Welcome To The Neighborhood
6. Bad Attitude
7. Midnight At The Lost And Found
8. Blind Before I Stop

But hey that's just me.... and positions 3 to 6 could change any given moment :)

Crystal Eyes
05 Aug 2003, 14:50
Iwould say either third, fourth or fith. A little vague I know but I agree with ChrisNI; we shoud wait a little longerbefore trying to judge.

original sin
05 Aug 2003, 16:35
Early days yet I think.