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02 Aug 2003, 07:04
Hi guys, how are yea, i'm good, but i have to say I'm very confused, see if U get this, cause I don't, but here is a conversation I got from the Republic Of Loafdom, (an actual video, not words) maybe someone could help me. in interview section, and its the one with meat and the girl with short black hair, from germany?

MEAT: I only done 9 studio albums in 32 years

GIRL: why?, your lazy

MEAT: no, i'm not lazy

i did 2 in ninetys, 2 in seventies 3 in 80s, 1 in 2000's (i'm counting 8 here)
y'know what i better get 3 out of this, i did CHSIB, then bat 3 that should be out september '05, and then i can get one between 5-10

ME: well that's about what he said relating to this, is there going to be another album? i know i'm getting ahead of myself, but i'm really curious. and if yea can't help its okay. cause i mean, right now i'm consentrating on CHSIB, then about MID time next year, i will consentrate on BAT III. thanx in advance

02 Aug 2003, 18:35
Honestly I hope that there isn't another album after "Bat 3" because the reuniting with Steinman will be the ultimate send off album. Jimmy and Meat back together again for one final time. It's gonna be completely over the top and outrageous.

White of High
02 Aug 2003, 19:14
I hope there will be another album... and after Bat 4 and Bat 5!!!

02 Aug 2003, 19:51
Well I don't really see how they could continue the "Bat" albums after "Bat 3" because by then the story of Jimmy's "Neverland" would have been completed throughout the three "Bat" albums.

Nice to see you on here as well RSG!

02 Aug 2003, 20:28
i hope there is a bat 3 meat and jimmy r so good together and do good music i carnt wait for it :D

03 Aug 2003, 05:23
I would like to see another album after Bat III, but I will take what I can get :twisted: