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White of High
30 Jul 2003, 13:26
Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!!

Mercury Blues (7)

Good average classic rock 'n' roll song! I hate I must wait a lot after Forever Young that I'd listen it. This song has other mood like the album. I can compare it with Take A Number. If I remember right I give 7 for that too.

The story is simple typical '60-'70 rock 'n' roll story when the youth was revolting against everything. They loved their cars and bikes...

My score: 7

Average: 8.43 (118/14)

evil nickname
30 Jul 2003, 13:52
The engine starts, drums are pounding, piano and guitar join in, and we're on a roll...

Nice simple rock n' roll song that completely owns Alan Jackson's country version... haven't heard the original by KC Douglas, so I can't compare it to that....
Works really well live, and it is a good song.


Oh, and the 2-something minutes of silence don't really bother me, since I cut them off when I ripped the album to Ogg Vorbis :)

30 Jul 2003, 16:54
think its good. I give it 7.5/10

Crystal Eyes
30 Jul 2003, 17:00
Great song. Love the intro especially. Wish it was a little longer though.

30 Jul 2003, 18:10
I like this one too :D

A crackin good rock song - and the guitar rift in the middle just blew me away completely :D


25 Oct 2003, 13:23
Another rockin' cover song. This is one of the best versions I've heard of this.
10 /10
And once again I must add a big loud THANK YOU to Meat Loaf for this new set of songs. :D :!:

03 Nov 2003, 03:17
I betcha Fireball, really enjoyed this one, I certainly did. I have to say it wasn't a surprise, where I found out just before I bought the CD, it would be on here. But you know something, I was surprised when I reallized how well the band, and Meat did on this track. A great ROCK song, and definetly better than the original. (For some reason, I'm tempted to buy a mercury for my first car.) 10\10. :lol:

03 Nov 2003, 12:47
Great Rock 'n' Roll song. I like it.

My score: 7

Woman of Steel
09 Nov 2003, 18:19
Great song! Sounds like Meat and the band really got into this one!! Love it! I didn't realize it was even on the CD...stumbled onto it by accident and felt really smart :oops: ! But really love it now :D !
I give it: A 10!! :D

09 Nov 2003, 19:29
Great cover of this song, excellent intro, 10/10. :D

09 Nov 2003, 22:09
7/10. Not one of my absolute favs.

10 Nov 2003, 18:45
Great little rock n roller - the band and Meat seems to be really having fun

Love it


A Slice Of English
10 Nov 2003, 19:10
Its got class written all over it and has some truly classic riffs in it to boot. What a helluva song and Meat sounds fantastic on it, as always.

I can imagine the release video...!


11 Nov 2003, 00:58
OK< I ahve to say that as a country fan, i am not as keen on Meat's version of this as some of the older country versions.

However it is a good song so 7/10

28 Dec 2003, 06:45
I love hidden tracks... :))

Good one but not one of my favorites...

It rooooocks live with the guitars extension... an opportunity to show randy's and paul's skills!

7/10 on the album

28 Dec 2003, 06:49
Just listened to this one last night for the fourth time the more I listen to it the better I like it.

I rate this one a 7/10.

28 Dec 2003, 15:04
I've just seen it live - it ROCKS! 9.5/10!

meat loaf is my god
28 Feb 2004, 18:59
What a song its got such a cool beat its just a shame that you have to wait a bit for it

24 Apr 2004, 00:08
Itīs placed very nice. Sometimes Iīve been scared to death when Mercury Bluse start. Sometimes I listen to music before I go to sleep and sometimes I fell sleep. After Forever Young there is that silence so when Mercury Bluse start I woke up. :D

Love the song!


Space Monkey
25 Oct 2004, 23:30
I love on the commentary on the MSO DVD the way Meat pokes fun at the lyrics in the song. He basically admits that it's not the most deep and meaningful song - but he likes it; it's fun - so what the hell?!

Drifting slightly off topic... why do artists put hidden bonus tracks on CDs...? Think about this for a minute - is it to give the fans the treat of an extra song - or is it some kind of anti-piracy tactic?

26 Oct 2004, 07:56
Love the track because Meat and the band are so obviously having a great time! Also love the riff in the middle - good to see close up in the DVD's just how much Paul loves his stuff too.

As for hidden tracks, no clue..

17 Nov 2004, 07:24
I borrow CHSIB to my friend.. Sheīs also Meat fan and when I asked her didi you listen to that track she asked what track.. She didnīt saw that Mercury Blues is hidden track. So she listened it again and she likes it a lot.

17 Nov 2004, 09:50
Also check out what Meat says about the track on his DVD commentary - interesting!

07 Jul 2006, 21:21
Try to reactivate some old start out of hell threads that have been created before my time on this forum.:))

Itīs not great, but itīs a good song, definitely better than Decandent Wish :twisted:

Meat made a rock song out of this old country classic, well done!

Itīs not really Meatish, thatswhy it may be "just" an extra track on the album.

I like the MSO-live version of it!


Itīs for me the same quality like all revved up

09 Jul 2006, 21:25
Love this one too... especially as a bonus track, it always catches me out when it starts, but I love singing along to it!


Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:17

White of High
28 Jan 2007, 23:52
Average: 8.18 (180/22)

02 Feb 2007, 17:42
I love itbut prefer the original ;)


02 Feb 2007, 18:21
i don't like the live version of it on the mso dvd,

someone made the point a long time back that it all the live guitar solos seemed like fillers and i kinda agree.

Anyway as for the song on the album, it's good, i like it works v well and is meats type of country rock kinda song that he does well.


03 Feb 2007, 09:29
i would give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Lord Kagan
04 Feb 2007, 17:49
7, Very good cover

05 Feb 2007, 00:18
I like the song. I believe it dates back to the '30's. Meat sing it easy so it sounds good. One of the best songs on the 2005 tour. I would like to get a live version of this as a B side on a single.

05 Feb 2007, 18:15
I really like this song!!!

05 Feb 2007, 18:37
I love it but prefer the original ;)

I agree

7.5/10 & 9/10 live

Pud :twisted:

06 Feb 2007, 20:34
9.5 and i disagree. i think its one of the standouts on the mso dvd! just for the drumming!

01 Sep 2009, 06:46
Great rock song and a good cover by Meat and the Band :


01 Sep 2009, 13:09
Surely no-nonsense rock n rolling of this kind is impossible to dislike?
Works like a dream live. Annoying, though, that I have to wade through the dreary 'Forever Young' to get to it on the album.

evil nickname
01 Sep 2009, 14:54
Annoying, though, that I have to wade through the dreary 'Forever Young' to get to it on the album.

Ah, but that's where audio editing software comes in handy.

Evil One
01 Sep 2009, 18:08
I don't think the album version is all that good. MSO version is great though.

10 Oct 2010, 07:25
this was before my time. would like t oreview it. seems that teh start out of hell threads are ok to dig...

I love this. Thing is the end is a little too sudden and the acopella drum part is missing something. i prefer the MSO's drum part cause it uses the more catchy verse.

For Me:


10 Oct 2010, 10:17
Same here, was before my time too. Love it, especially the live versions at the recent concerts. Great rocking track.



10 Oct 2010, 11:47
Love it, 8.

Elijah's way
10 Oct 2010, 11:54
crap song 1/10

10 Oct 2010, 12:55

10 Oct 2010, 13:02
One of the best songs on CHSIB.


10 Oct 2010, 14:09
Good Stuff. 8/10

12 Oct 2010, 06:21
I hate this song with a passion. Hated the (country) original when I had to play it (NEW) on the radio. Not even ML and the NLE can save this one where I'm concerned, and since I can't give it a zero or a negative, LOL, I'll give it a 1.

13 Oct 2010, 10:20
Great cover, i prefer it to the original, give it a 8.

14 Oct 2010, 09:43
I hate this song with a passion. Hated the (country) original when I had to play it (NEW) on the radio.

In case you are talking about Alan Jackson's version, that's not the original but one of the countless covers of that song. The original song is from 1949. David Lindley's version (from the early 1980s, I think) is the one that's most similar to Meat's.

14 Oct 2010, 18:13
In case you are talking about Alan Jackson's version, that's not the original but one of the countless covers of that song. The original song is from 1949. David Lindley's version (from the early 1980s, I think) is the one that's most similar to Meat's.

and the original was just called like Mercury Boogie.

sounds almost NOTHING like Meat's: