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13 Jan 2001, 16:53
Hi folks,

some hints on the message boards:
Editing password
If you post a message the form asks you for an editing password. This password is used to verify the author of a posted message, if the edit button is clicked. This means, if you do not assign a password for a message, you will not be able to edit this message after posting.

You should enable cookies for the message boards. If enabled, your name, email and access times will be stored on your computer. This data is used every time you post a message. Furthermore it's used to inform you about messages that have been posted after your last visit. <font face='MS Sans Serif,Geneva' size='-2' color='#FF0000'>new</font> is displayed for each new note. We do <u>not</u> track your surfing behaviour with this cookie. Fyi, the cookie's name is 'board'.

HTML posting is enabled. You <font color='red'>may</font> <font color='green'>enhance</font> your message with HTML tags.
<marquee><h1>Example: Internet Explorer will scroll this text.</h1></marquee>
Cool, eh? ./icons/icon2.gif</center>
Embedded smilies
As mentioned in the welcome message ('http://www.mlukfc.com/board/view.php3?bn=mlukfc_msg&key=979067781&first=979326244&last=979067781'), you can insert smilies in your note. Please note that the 'preview' function will not display the smilies.

Have fun,

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