View Full Version : How Do I Get An Icon To Appear To The Right Of My Message???

03 Jul 2003, 16:45
I've just joined here today and I don't know how to get the icon?

03 Jul 2003, 17:04
What icon? :??:

Rob The Badger
03 Jul 2003, 18:30
I believe he/she's talking about the Avatar.

The Flying Mouse
03 Jul 2003, 20:07
:twisted: Hi whoppaJunya.
Welcome to the forums.
Click PROFILE on the tool box in the top right corner of this page.
At the bottom of the page you will see a box saying SHOW GALLERY.
Click on the GREEN button next to where it says AUSTIN POWERS to see a list of galleries.
When you find a picture you like,click on the white dot under it.
Click SELECT AVITAR and your all done.

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