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28 Jun 2003, 14:08
Videos: I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us, Read'em And Weep, I'll Kill You If You Don't Come Back

Three promo videos of the same kind like the ones from Bat before. Meat is singing on a stage in front of a dark background and you can see the band. In the "Read'em And Weep" video, a scene flashes a few times, where Meat is sitting at a type writer. Wow, what a great special effect!! 8O :lol: No, I don't like videos of this kind and so I don't like most of the videos, which came out before 1981 or 82.


29 Jun 2003, 14:54
I would give Both of us a 7,5: because of the great acting.
Read'em and weep I'd give a 8: Great song, and the video shows very good the emotion of the song

I don't know "Kill you..."

Sue K
29 Jun 2003, 15:24
let's see..i'm trying to go from memory now...gee..i should really watch the HITS OUT OF HELL vid againe..tough job ...someone has to do it...lol...

ANYroad...if the LOVE HER FOR BOTH OF US...is the one...where...Meat swings..into the camera...pointing his finger...singing..THERE AINT NO HOLDING ME BACK..is it? LOAF..that moment alone? i give it a 10/10...it's the whole package for me when it comes to Meat...and i'm a woman..and i find him extemely sexy..and that single moment alone...? yasss..10/10..

if that's not the song..forget what i said..cept i find him sexy...lol...


Meat just standing there at the mike? drops the scarf? so simple..that hair...just staring...those lips..hmmm....

5+6 take away 1=?

yepper..a 10/10...lol...

tink...who really should pull out that vid..yassss...:-) ... XO

Sue K
29 Jun 2003, 15:26
oh..and i've never seen the KILL YOU IF...vid...

but i'd probably give it a 10/10 ... lol...

tink..not biased or anything... 8-O ... ! ... XO

29 Jun 2003, 19:14
I like the three video's. Especially Love Her For Both Of Us. I have to agree with QT that it is great acting in that video.

My score: 7

30 Jun 2003, 20:33
all good.

i give 7/10

White of High
30 Jun 2003, 20:58
Like the BOOH videos!

My score: 6

30 Jun 2003, 22:02
Have to admit I prefer the story videos like "anything for love" but when Meat sings...
Great videos, good to see Meat perform even when it's not on stage.