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ben davies
27 Sep 2001, 21:42
i think that bat 1 and 2 are ace albums but
if u listen to the music of today real rock has made a come back so no soppy slow ballads on this album please just all out balls to the wall rock songs. also meat makes the song a song not jim.also i havent heard n e thing from meat in years and iam glad he aint retiring. i hope he goes on until the end of time.

28 Sep 2001, 08:54
In my opinion, Jim and Meat make equal `contributions' to a song.

28 Sep 2001, 09:46
I am glad that meat is still rockin', but Jim is concerning songwriting a god
His lyrics are so shrewd and genious. And in combination with the god of singing, Meat Loaf, the songs are the most powerfull thing on the universe.
But no Jim, so the songs on testify will be a little les powerfull than jim-meat songs, but still powerfull.
I can't wait till testify is released
Greetings Timewarp.nl

29 Sep 2001, 06:22
Shane wrote:
> In my opinion, Jim and Meat make equal `contributions' to a song.

No way! Sorry, but if this were the case then Meat and Jim would be another Bernie and Elton. Jim definately writes the songs, then Meat adjusts them to his liking, and finally a producer plays middle-man in the process. Jim is the one who puts like 90% of the song together. There is not an equal collaboration between Meat and Jim. Meat Loaf has admitted that he sucks at song writing - I have heard him say this with my own two ears live and in person - Jim writes the songs and Meat "tweaks," but nothing major. If anyone should get a co-writing credit for Jim's songs that Meat sings it should go to Meat Loaf's musical directors. If you notice, every song has a new spin for every new tour. The most notable (and positive) changes were when Kasim took over and put the piano back in the spot light.

With all the love there ever was.....
David M. Driskell